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Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial – Feel the Breeze

Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial – Feel the Breeze


Photographer: Madralynn Haye – Otter Love Photography
Male Model: Kelvin Nesmith

Wardrobe Credits:
Coat – Zara,
Boots – Forever 21
Jeans – Hot Topic
Cowboy Hat – Byrd’s Western Store
Cowboy Belt Buckle – Huabola Calyn

As the saying goes when in Rome do as the Romans do. What better way to embrace the west than a cowboy inspired photoshoot. The preparation was simple considering I had some items already cowboy inspired because I’ve always found the look to be attractive. Madralynn was the perfect photographer to capture the vibe considering her style is all about using what nature gave us to produce amazing photography. The location was Washoe Valley just outside of Reno in Nevada. Since I am not originally from Reno and hadn’t been there for very long, Madralynn chose the location & it couldn’t have been any better. The valley was just a valley to me that I drove through every day on my daily commutes but was always interested in it, so I was happy to explore the area during our shoot. My main concern upon walking throughout the area was whether there were snakes or not, but she assured me there was none because the soil was too damp for their liking. We started the shoot in the coat without the hat just to get a variety of looks. The setting was perfect and so was the weather.

The sun was slowly setting, the skies were clear, and the temperature was tolerable. We moved to different areas in the open field for variety and eventually moved into our shots with the cowboy hat on which turned out to be my favorites. Everything felt natural and flowed from start to finish. We held a conversation during the shoot how important it is the know your posing as a model and what poses work vs. the ones that don’t depending on the type of shoot. We laughed & joked and got to know each other throughout the shoot. She explained to me her background in photography which made me feel more comfortable. We found a tree to shoot under which helped bring out the country feel.

Eventually, I was instructed to get down on the ground. I was hesitant because I didn’t want the coat to get dirty considering I had borrowed it, but we joked about placing the blame on Madralynn and getting it dry cleaned. For variety, we did shots without the jacket and sitting in the open field. The different angles I was captured at altered the mood of the photos for the better and maintained a clear mind and just enjoyed the surroundings. I wanted to come off as natural as possible as if I wasn’t being photographed. We had done about everything we could think of and wrapped up the shoot. The shoot came at the perfect time right before I was moving out of the state of Nevada and these photos will forever be the conclusion of my time in the Biggest Little City in the world.

Solis Magazine - Feel the breeze


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