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Slot Machine Strategies to Turn the Odds in Your Favor

Slot Machine Strategies to Turn the Odds in Your Favor


If you’ve ever been to a land-based casino and have won on a spin of the roulette wheel or with a hand of blackjack, you’ll know just how exciting it can be. Likewise, slot machines are also fun to play and can be very rewarding financially if you spin a winner.

Whether you play at a brick-and-mortar casino or online it makes little difference. Winning is winning and we all love it. With the advancement in technology over the past couple of decades, many players now prefer to stay at home and play casino games online at popular vendors such as Betfair, instead of heading out to the city to attend a physical casino in person.

The bright lights and the ringing bells that slot machines send out when you hit a big winner are the greatest thrills that the game delivers. But what are the odds of you winning real money with slot machines? And can you increase your chances of winning?

Whilst winning a huge sum is largely attributed to luck with slot games, certain strategies help improve your odds. Though be careful what you believe – many so-called tips can actually harm your chances of hitting a life-changing sum.

Believe it or not, higher denomination slot games have higher payback percentages. This means they are the best slot machines you can choose to play. Despite this, many players opt to play the lower cost games because they assume they pose less of a risk. Unfortunately for them, this is not true. The more expensive slot machines that you play increase your odds of winning whilst lower cost games often result in the player spending more money on them.

Even if you spot a particular machine dealing out more wins than any other in the room, don’t be fooled. It is a common myth that each slot machine is programmed to issue a certain percentage of winning spins. Whereas in fact, every spin of the wheel is random and independent from the previous spins.

Whilst certain machines have different odds, it does not mean that some machines are luckier than others.

Slot games with a higher level of volatility often result in less frequent payouts, but the payout is usually higher. Whereas, machines that offer wins more frequently, often result in lower payouts. So, if you are playing on a machine that has higher chances of winning, but offers a lower payout, it would be a sensible suggestion to play with less money. Whereas, machines that feature less chance of winning, but come with higher payouts, are worth investing more in.

Ultimately, there is no true way to determine which slot machines are going to pay out big winnings. However, you can use certain strategies to improve your chances to increase your winnings. So don’t be put off by playing the more expensive machines. Despite a higher investment initially, the odds show that people who play the higher denomination machines leave with higher payouts more often than those who play on the lower denomination games.

Jackpot machines are widely considered a better investment than those with progressive payouts. This is because the latter is built on anticipation. Therefore, the jackpot is built up by less frequent wins. Opposite to that, random jackpot features tend to have more frequent winners.