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The Significance of Women and Men’s Wedding Bands

The Significance of Women and Men’s Wedding Bands


The Significance of Women and Men’s Wedding Bands
The wedding is one of the most important days in a person’s life. While the major concerns of a bride are the wedding dress and other fashion accessories, it is the wedding band that the groom has to pay special attention to. Wedding bands for men and women are much more than a symbol of eternal love; it is also an artifact to showcase the bond with each other along with individualistic style preferences.

Though the importance of wedding bands is well-known, not many people know its history and how the ring came into existence. Here is a write up that will unravel some surprising facts about the significance of wedding bands for men and women:

The Evolution in Tradition and Symbolism of Wedding Bands
The concept of wedding rings has been valued as a token of love. Speaking of the design of the wedding bands, a lot of changes had occurred to the shape and metal over several centuries. Even today, the wedding bands are popular for their symbolic features.

● The custom of wedding rings has been in practice since the time of the Egyptian rule where people used to wear circles made of plants that grew near the river Nile.
● Later on, the design of wedding rings underwent a change during the Jewish and Christian wedding. It was a customary aspect to offer the bride an emblem of love and she had to wear it till the remaining of her life.
● In the contemporary world, wedding bands are now common for both bride and groom. If you are looking for men’s wedding bands, browse the collection of authentic sites like https://www.mensweddingbands.com/ and choose the best ring for your future husband.

The Significance of the Circle
A wedding band, being circular in shape, marks its own sign of something that has no beginning or end, which makes for an ideal symbol of infinity. It displays that love, care, and the bonding of marriage are intact and eternal. Many people prefer wearing the wedding band on their fourth finger and that is why it is known as the ring finger. In European culture and tradition, the wedding band is placed on the right hand.

The Wedding Ring Metal
● Platinum: Being the most precious material used for manufacturing wedding bands nowadays, the Platinum wedding rings are simply majestic and prestigious. The exclusive metal promises total comfort to the bearer and it is absolutely hypoallergenic.
● Rose Gold: With its increasing popularity, the rose gold wedding band looks extremely attractive particularly because of its deep meaning and the color is a symbol of love.
● Palladium: In case you are not able to afford the budget for precious metals like platinum or gold, the Palladium wedding bands seem to be a cost-effective alternative.

Wedding bands are one of the few ornamental accessories that men wear for the rest of their lives. The ritual is equally important for both parties and hence, it is crucial to understand the significance of the circle husband and wife exchange with each other.

Author Bio – Andrew Thompson is a wedding planner who also runs his own website and blog. He has been reviewing the attractive men’s wedding bands collection on sites like https://www.mensweddingbands.com along with other wedding products.