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Shazam: Henry Cavill Reportedly Shot Superman Cameo

Shazam: Henry Cavill Reportedly Shot Superman Cameo


Despite his murky status with the DCEU, Henry Cavill reportedly did shoot a Superman cameo for Shazam!, but it’s unclear if the footage will be used. While it’s common knowledge that Zack Snyder never got to realize his vision for the DCEU, most fans would argue that the first move he made was a positive one: casting Cavill as Clark Kent and his heroic alter ego. Problems with how Superman was written in Snyder’s films aside, Cavill is still generally considered a good choice for the role.

Unfortunately, Cavill’s time playing Superman may well be over. Following the failure of Justice League, movie plans for marquee DC heroes Batman and Superman were put into limbo. While Batman’s cinematic future was recently solidified – director Matt Reeves’ The Batman is coming in 2021 – it still remains to be seen if or when WB and DC will make firm plans for returning Superman to the DCEU. Cavill is an in-demand actor, and it’s no wonder why this uncertain status might bother him enough to throw up and his hands and exit the situation.

A Superman cameo within 2019’s DCEU entry Shazam! has been long-rumored, although it was reportedly scrapped. Or at least that’s what was thought until a recent report from a test screening suggested that Superman does indeed make a cameo, albeit without his face visible. This allows DC to get around their current Cavill problem. However, making things even more interesting is a statement made by Jim Viscardi on the latest edition of the ComicBook Nation podcast. According to Viscardi, Cavill did, in fact, shoot a Superman cameo for Shazam!, which will be used if his DCEU contract gets worked out in time do so. If not, the footage will remain unseen.

Assuming Viscardi’s info is correct, it’ll likely delight fans to know that Cavill did indeed shoot material for Shazam! That said, if Cavill’s messy contract situation ends up causing that footage to never see the light of day, fans are going to be left extremely disappointed. A recent report suggested that Cavill was playing hardball with Warner Bros., demanding script and director approval on Man of Steel 2, among other perks. Cavill’s reps quickly shot that down though, leaving it still unclear why exactly the actor and studio can’t come to terms.

As sad as it would be for many fans, it’s looking more and more like a reconciliation between WB/DC and Cavill might never happen. With Ben Affleck’s recent ouster as Batman, there’s now even more of a precedent for a major DCEU recasting. While it’s important to note that nothing has been officially confirmed yet – by either side – it wouldn’t be too surprising if the next time Superman flies on the big screen, he’s played by someone other than Henry Cavill. Still, all hope isn’t lost, and a deal could still be struck to allow Cavill’s Shazam! cameo to emerge.