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Sex, Drugs, Blood & Fashion

Sex, Drugs, Blood & Fashion


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Hey ! I’m back again for my second article ! Hourray !
So, what are we going to talk about today ? Hum. I have an idea.
Let’s talk about sex. Yeah, yeah, you heard me . Sex, drugs , blood and fashion.
Why has sex become a criteria to succeed as a model ? Who’s the one that turned beauty and talent into optional faculties ?
Let’s get to the bottom of this . Shall we ?
I’ve had a hard time finding people willing to talk about this subject but I’ve managed to land on a few.

So, first of all, we all know that sex sells, right ?
In music videos, booty shaking world wide tours, movies, commercials, yeah you got me, sex sells everywhere. You don’t even need to have money to buy it.
It’s free and it’s all over..
In your bedroom, on office desks, in children classroom and maybe even on your church’s bench.
Why has sex become such a passionate topic ? and why has it infiltrated the fashion and modeling industry…

Marine Moreteau / 24 years old / Ardèche, France / www.marine07.book.fr/
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I know that many models receive unwanted message and perverted offers. I don’t do any lingerie or nude. I taught that I was somehow protected form that vicious spiral but I guess not. I’ve been receiving jobs offers to be an escort. That’s so disrespectful ! I’m a fashion model not a retired wanabee porn actress . Shit ! My real job is to take care of babies, not grabbing some old man’s arm for money !
As ” outsiders ” say : Models have to sleep to succeed. You can’t shake glory’s hand if you haven’t been in his bed . This s

Many people believe that fashion is all about glitter, fame, pretty clothes and a lot of traveling.
Well, that’s true but it has a more sinister side to it..
Ever heard about casting couch ? The more you suck, the more roles you get. Sorry to be rude but hey, don’t play innocent.
We all now that some nasty things go down behind some closed doors.. Photographers trading pictures for sex, Models selling their bodies on internet as undercover escorts, producers raping extras on sets and passing around blunts so crews can stay on their feet the whole day without any shame or guilt.
Here’s the typical scenario case : Most of them greet you with big smiles and small cups of coffee, let you get comfortable and then starting shooting you.
Then magically, the photographer is no longer behind the lens.. he gets closer to you.. brushes of that piece of hair that’s been bothering your eyes and starts lowering his fingers towards your neck.. then your shoulder .. and finally landing them on your breasts.

Oops sorry, I didn’t mean to touch that , your bra was crooked

LOL… seriously ?
Many of those dogged out cliché takers even threaten models that if they don’t have sexual intercourse, well they ain’t gonna get any pictures. It’s disgusting and heart breaking . Those type of professionals do exist and we are letting them getting away. Why ? Because people love their work..
Many of them have power. Some of them work for the best magazines, others work for movie directors, so if you’re a small timed model trying to make it, and if you fall one on of those bastards, well you won’t be able to say anything because they will make sure to never allow you to shoot anywhere else again. That’s why many models hush. They are scarred of seeing their careers broken if they say anything.
Elvyre Bouillot / 20 years old / La Vallette du Var, France / www.elvyre.book.fr
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I’ve already encountered a photographer who was looking for ” extra activities ” after the photoshoot. I don’t tolerate that kind of behaving and I don’t respect those who sleeps around for extra shots. But something many models are forced to do certain things. I knew a girl who quit modeling because a photographer took nude pictures of her against her will. Well, I mean she did get naked but she was forced into doing that. She felt dominated, humiliated and intimated.
She told herself maybe if she posed nude, he won’t hurt her . So she did it. It’s sad because many girls get raped like that.

Sam Makeup / 43 years old / Marseille, France / www.Sam-Makeup.book.fr
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Photo by : Deucis Sensa

The models who are afraid of speaking out are mainly the ones who are weak in character. Not speaking out could mean that they approve in some kind of way what they are enduring. Many photographers take advantage of their social media power to use it against their models. They know that they won’t speak in order to keep their careers intact. That’s how some of them fall deep into drugs, anorexia, and even suicide. The pressure on them pushes the to do a lot of stupid and illegal stuff. It’s ironic because they are willingly destroying their bodies… Their only weapon in the fashion industry. It’s like some kind of revenge.
I’ve advised many models to consult a psychologist because their minds are too fragile, their bodies aren’t holding up. They may have the perfect 0 size to fit in high fashion unwearable clothes but their mental and physical health are undressed and not doing so well on the runway…Many of them are stalked by photographers or morally abused by them. Modeling is a hard job. I’ve seen many models break down during a shoot. Too much weight on their shoulder. Everybody is seeing their outer beauty but no one is seeing what’s gonna on on the inside.

But wait !
There’s more to the story !
What if i told you that there are just as many models that DO accept sex for fame ? Would you believe me ? Well you should because those pimped out human hangers are everywhere.
They called themselves ” models ” but they are undercover escorts in designer shoes.
Those are the type of models you will find hanging out late at casting calls or on a filming set lurking around.

I’ve seen few of those type of girls come in and out my makeup office. Some of them still have semen remains at the crest of their lips or smell bad. Those type of things bother me. As a professional makeup artist, those type of girls shouldn’t even be models. It’s disgusting. They are using their bodies to sell out dreams and perfection but they are not taking care of it once the lights are off.

Clara Paul de L’Hortet / 18 years old / Nimes, France / www.facebook.com/clarapaul.delhortet
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Photo by : Deucis Sensa and Sam Makeup

I’ve already met a girl who used sex to her advantage. She slept with someone and she made it. It’s an ugly thing to do. I truly believe that you would be more proud of yourself if you work hard to get what you want thanks to the sweat on your forehead. Talent should be the main reason you succeed at anything you do. Not Sex.

I never quite understood how and why would women choose to degrade themselves by putting aside their dignity and self respect for a couple of editorial jobs or long termed contracts They don’t care about how they get to the top.
They just want to get there and if they have to open their bodies to filth, they will collect the garbage. As a model myself, I find that disgusting. Models shouldn’t have to be portrayed as higher versions of prostitutes or escorts girls. Models shouldn’t have to take off their panties for a commercial ad or unbuckle someone’s belt to get on a runway. People don’t even know what’s the difference between a whore house and a modeling agency anymore. You’ve got girls running around, being controlled by handlers, getting their faces lifted, hair sprayed in a different colors and skins being dried out to please a casting director.
Galou Williamson / 23 years old / La Ciotat, France / www.galou-williamson.book.fr
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Many models accept to have sex in order to obtain the prize of fame. Everybody wants it & everyone wants fortune, perfection & beauty.
Take a look around, many parents enroll their kids to beauty pageants. They are dressed up like women from head to toes, with false weaves, nails, eyelashes, tan and even flippers. No wonder girls dream of staying on that particular spotlight and They are willing to do anything, even the worst to keep that shinning light on them.
But no one hears about these kind of stuff. All we see is glitz, smiles, happiness and fun stuff. Yeah, well, I think social media should start reporting on what really goes down in this industry, what happens when the fashion shows are shut off and when contracts are being signed.
Sex is and will forever be a criteria in this industry. If you don’t give it, someone else will.

Tony Lillo / 33 years old / Nantes, France / www.facebook.com/tony.lillo93
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Photo by : Tony Lillo and Michaële Mercier / Alexia Staudenmeyer

There are many models that trade sex for success. We live in a industry where people are willing to do anything to be known, even if it means putting aside their self respect and dignity.
Instead of taking care of themselves and grooming their reputation, working on their technical poses, they choose the easy way out : SEX.
My theory also apply to those reality TV contestants, They have no talent, some of them ain’t got no beauty, are ready to do whatever you say just for a few bucks and couple minutes of fame.
That is was driving this industry. It’s not talent, nor facial beauty, nor charisma, it’s sex and money.
but hey, if a model offers sex, why not take it ? I mean if she is willing to give herself to be on a magazine cover, why would a photographer say yes ? They’re both adults and they know what they are doing. I don’t mind models sleeping around with producers or editors, as long as both of them are consenting grown ups.
But there is one thing that bother me .. very much .. is the mack of respect that is growing in this industry. People don’t respect your work, your time nor your feelings.
You have models that take advantage of you, go behind your back and resell your photos, crop your logo off and reframe your art work. Photographers are loosing their identities because of those careless behaviors. So I truly believe that we have to place the fault on both sides. The photographer’s side and the model’s side. Fire can’t start without any smoke.

Come to think of it, it’s not very far from being a call girl. The client comes in and choose his model just as a horny man drives up and chooses his girl
Honorables women have done their best to draw the line between a Bitch and a Pro. But if the models nowadays keep up with their loose ways, that distinctive line will eventually disappear. That’s why there is no more respect in the industry. It’s too far under to be restored properly. Sex has damaged it and It’s because of those low rated females that people nowadays have misinterpret visions of the modeling industry. If one girl does it , maybe all of them do it. That’s how this industry thinks and acts.
Whether you wanna hear it or not.
Some of them don’t care if you’re more beautiful than Miss Universe, some of them don’t even care if your resume has the length of a giraffe’s neck, all they want is to snap the couchie and make you who you want to be in exchange.

Kamsam Duarte / 24 years old / Paris, France / www.facebook.com/duarte.kamsan
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I agree with Tony, if the model is consenting, why not go for it ? There is nothing wrong with professionals falling for each other. If the model wants to spread her body across the casting couch, well let her. As long as she is not forced to do anything against her will. They may be models, yes but don’t forget that they are also grown women with sexual desires and filled with lust.

Sex has become a sort of criteria in order to make it and that’s disgusting.
Modeling used to be so nice, clean and dreamy. People looked up to models, wishing to be in their places and seeing a better version of themselves in the eyes of those role models. Seeing so much confidence and fierceness made people want to become models.
Model was the definition of courage, strength, bravery and beauty. But that was before…
Now ? it’s just a total nightmare and many of us are still sleeping waiting for a dream to pop up and wake us up.

And then the drugs come along. Medecine bottles to keep you up all night so you could attend the latest VIP show, needles to ease your anxiety and dosed drinks to hype you up the whole day.
I’ve seen many of them knocked up on coke and couldn’t even stand up straight. Pill poppers, drugs addicts, anorexia , are very common. No surprise about that. There are many girls who starve themselves out to fit into jeans, their hair start to fall out because they are not eating right, some girl pull their teeth out to have a smaller jaws, others pluck out their eyelashes to have wider eyes. You cannot get passed a day without being weighted. Are we food ? bags of lamb chops to be controlled like this ? I guess so because no one is stopping those who are doing these things to us. Models are being like treated like dirt and articles you could store on top of shelves. Who is brave enough to help us down ?

Fanny Dussol / 26 years old / Montpellier, France / www.fannydussol.book.fr
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There are many reasons that could push a model astray. age is one of those reasons. Back in the days, models were more mature and fully grown. Nowadays, we have little kids, that haven’t even been through puberty, on talk shows, runways, catalogues and so forth. At only 14, 15 years old. That’s very young and they are exposed to this dangerous industry du to their naiveness and fragility. At the beginning, they love it, because they discover new places, new opportunities but realize that they are being exploited like meat and that’s where they get beat down !
I know some models, their heads are in the sky and their feet are on the ground. They’re humble and simple and only pose from time to time to make a few extra cash. Still going to school and having their parents watch over them. They’re lucky enough not to get thrown into the lion’s den.
Then they’re the real top models. Working hard , overnight, everyday. I could slightly understand the need to drug yourself up in order to hold on that energy.
Professional models make lots of sacrifices, they are mostly alone and feeling lonely, they only have their digital ego to count on. They are mostly away from their families, their friends, husbands or wives so to evacuate all of that stress, they dive into the nightlife, partying at endless hours, drinking until they puke out last week’s meals and snort out lines of coke behind closed doors. Drugs make them feel loved, good and energetic. That’s how they get hocked on it. Its because of that feeling you get after being drugged.
But some of them don’t stop there. No.. They escalate into sex. Giving their bodies to strangers, athletes, comedians, editors and so on to fill in that emptiness inside of them.
But the most wicked part of all is the photographers who lure innocent 13, 14 year old models, into their beds after and before a photo shoot, promising them to become the world’s next top model and grace the cover of endless magazines… It’s sad..

Who is letting this brilliant artistic kingdom go to waist ?
Why isn’t anyone talking about this ? Models are dying, killing themselves, not eating, being abducted and trapped by perverted sickos during casting call and fake skype auditions.
People rather concentrated on what a celebrity is wearing then to educate themselves and what’s really going on. This is a pool of entertainment, some handlers, agencies, bookers, managers don’t even know your name but they know how much money you could make. How ? because that’s what only matters. Money and Public Publicity. the human aspect of modeling have degraded down to being an object. A doll. We have eyes, noses, ears and feelings but we cannot see, smell, listen nor share. We’re objects in people’ eyes. Getting put up on display and take back down to hang us up on walls and iron us the next day.
No wonder some of us find shelter in drugs…

Florent Vaille / 29 years old / Paris, France / www.facebook.com/FeelingVisuel
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Yes for the sex and drugs part. I mean, That’s everywhere. In the music industry, the modeling, the editing, the movie industry, it’s everywhere.
I’m not surprised to see drugs passing around while girls wait to get auditioned, stack up on toilet seats to take a hit or alcohol running throughout their veins in front of a camera.
You can’t have publicity, fashion, money without sex and drugs in this industry. If you want one, You’ll get the rest. No everybody falls into addiction but a lot of models loose their ways after their first taste of ” danger ” Many of them go down the drain to rise on stage. It’s heart breaking. Those are the ones giving a bad image to the industry.
Their nonsense are putting aside the real beauty and definition of art. This industry is beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but there are too many ugly things going on.

Vanoou Ths / 24 years old / Le Puy en Velay, France / www.facebook.com/vanoou.ths.73
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Photo by : Lionel Moreau Fotography and Shine Lyly

Photographers are so annoying. I had one, couple months ago, who wanted to work with me, so we did a cosy photoshoot, couple of tests and the next day He wanted to shoot me naked. I said no and I deleted me off his account. He never received any of my previous pictures.
That goes to show you that some photographers are just using you as eye candy.

Liza Milano / 24 years old / Montpellier, France / www.lisamilani.book.fr
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Photo by : Marianne Fernandez

Models shouldn’t have to starve themselves out. Being beautiful is not size 0. Being beautiful is being you. Not a cloth size. This pressure is forcing young girls to fit into a box. Beauty is filled with all shapes and sizes. no one is born in a box so I don’t see why modeling should place you in one.
This whole world is just messed up. You’ve got fake photographers on one hand and fake models on the other.
Fake friendships, fake alliances, fake everything. This industry is an illusion. You have to be strong enough to draw the line between what’s real and what’s not.

Sara Ami / 22 years old / Lorgues, France / www.facebook.com/pages/Sara-Ami-Photographie
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Being a photographer isn’t what it used to be anymore. That really sadness me because I love my job and the way lens could bring out your inner beauty.
Anorexia and sex, When are we going to stop hearing about that ? It seems like a curse and It’s going on forever. Generations through generations.
Women often feel inferior when they see top models in magazines, on brochure and on TV. The feel as if they will never be able to achieve that perfection.
Society has been telling women that thin is good. tan is good. not eating too much is good. fat is ugly and overrated. If you put on a few pound, you will be less desirable and flat out unwanted. Those are the kind of words that could hurt a woman’s feeling. especially if she hasn’t figured out herself yet. Who she really is and it’s not flipping through magazines that she will find herself because those pretty pixel pictures are all retouched. Perfection doesn’t exist and It’s about time that women started to realize that in order for them to stop hurting themselves, mentally and physically.

Well, That’s the end of my second article. Remember, respect yourself and say NO to filth. Don’t let your ambition deprive you from your true self. All these glitz and glamour goodies don’t last forever. When the spotlight fades, the only thing that will remains, is your self respect so don’t sell it out to walk one day on the red carpet
You could buy that red carpet in a shop. If you don’t find any, no worries, I’ll even come over and help you paint it red ! Stay beautiful and Stay healthy.
Do not destroy yourself for a dream that’s going to end at 40.