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Sense8 Review

Sense8 Review


Written by Christian James

It seems that every month Netflix is adding more and more original content to their library. The streaming service has held the reputation of creating great entertainment that fans and critics have all mostly enjoyed what Netflix has produced thus far. Although the more they add to their library, the more likely their content will begin to fall downhill. With their recent debut of “Sense8,” Netflix has shown that they’re still capable of providing entertaining television, as long as viewers stick with the show.

Created by Andy Wachowski and Lana Wachowski, who are both famously known for their creation of “The Matrix” universe and “V for Vendetta.” While they haven’t always written the best material, such as “Jupiter Ascending,” they haven’t lost their touch for creating a world that viewers can fall in love with. Their most successful part of “Sense8” being the characters, even when there are choices made by the characters that audiences don’t agree with, they’ll still find themselves routing for them.

The story begins in an abandon building in Chicago with what looks to be a dying woman named Angelica, played by Daryl Hannah, lying on a mattress. As she indulges in a conversation with two men who aren’t actually there, but she is able to communicate with them through some sort of telepathy. One being the love of her life, Jonas, played by Naveen Andrews, and the other being the season’s bad guy, Mr. Whispers, played by Terrence Man. As she speaks to Jonas, they discuss eight others who will be hunted and killed if she doesn’t take her own life. Shortly after, Angelica tells him that she can see them and suddenly, viewers are taken all over the world as these eight people are revealed. As Angelica can see them standing in the abandon building, they can also see her. After Jonas congratulates her on giving birth to these eight fully grown people, she ultimately swallows the barrel of a gun and commits suicide.

After this very confusing first scene, the first episode ventures off to begin explaining who these eight people that Angelica supposedly “gave birth to.” With eight different characters that are all living their own storyline, the show starts off feeling very clustered. It was already hard to keep up with what was going on in the first scene, with audiences being thrown into eight different storylines it can be very difficult to keep up with. Not only is the first episode clustered, but very confusing. These eight people, who were reborn as sensates by Angelica and Jonas now have the capabilities to hear each other’s thoughts, understand each other’s knowledge and even possess each other’s skills. As the season progresses and the audience’s understanding of what’s going becomes clear, the entire show’s premise becomes an incredibly fun season to watch. The problem is how long it takes before a viewer is able to reach that point in the season. Even throughout episodes four and five the confusion grows and finally around halfway through the season pieces begin to come together and everything makes sense.

While most of the character’s storylines start off incredibly dull and boring, within a few episodes they intensely pick up speed. As a few of them are trying to deal with their new abilities, others have personal issues that they are dealing with throughout the season. The idea of taking away from the main storyline by including multiple personal issues can be very risky, and could have easily been the downfall of the Wachowski’s as directors. Instead of ruining the show, these storylines only added to how great the show is. Using these storylines in order to show the development of these characters, and the amazing development doesn’t even compare to how interesting these stories are.

One of the most important parts of the show that need to be understood are the relationships. Many viewers have backlashed at the show for including a character who is gay and a character who is transgender, but those people need to understand that the Wachowski’s placed these characters into the show and didn’t treat them any different from the rest of the characters. They were in love, and while not everyone is used the type of love, they’re still stories about two people who are in love and that is a beautiful thing to see in the modern world’s entertainment.

“Sense8” may have had a problem with getting to the point and until the season finale the show seemed to have a hard time taking off, but it’s still powerful. The sets and filming locations were perfect, the Wachowski’s captured the idea that these characters are really from all around the world and deal with problems that others within their country may deal with. In the end, “Sense8” is a show that is completely worth giving a chance.

  • Genre: Science fiction, Drama
  • Created by The Wachowskis J. Michael Straczynski
  • Written The Wachowskis J. Michael Straczynski
  • Directed The Wachowskis, Tom Tykwer, James McTeigue Dan Glass
  • Starring: Aml Ameen, Bae Doona, Jamie Clayton, Tina Desai, Tuppence Middleton, Max Riemelt, Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Brian J. Smith, Freema Agyeman, Anupam Kher, Terrence Mann, Naveen Andrews Daryl Hannah