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Saudi Arabian Artist Rotana – “Crime” Single Release

Saudi Arabian Artist Rotana

Rotana originally wrote “Crime” for the DJ duo Grey and indie-pop singer Skott and it was released last year as an EDM track. Rotana has always felt a deep connection to this song though and decided to rejig it as her own stripped back single. She has also created a video to go alongside the single.

‘The Demo Love Series’ is a collection of raw and stripped back love songs. It’s a way for Rotana to share her process and show herself messy and unfiltered.

Named in BBC’s Top 100 most powerful women, Rotana is quite a force to be reckoned with. Rotana uses her music as a way to detail her own personal journey as she explores her religion, sexuality, national identity, love, and womanhood. Her break out single “Daddy” put her on the map and she has continued to prove her musicality with each new release.