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Saticöy – Nice to Know (Music Video)


Nice to Know tells a story of grief, but more importantly, it is a celebration of life. The video follows a group of friends after the loss of one of their own. They decide to steal a portion of his ashes and carry them through a series of places where they’d shared some of their best memories. Though a slight departure from the original lyrical theme of losing a father, the video flawlessly reflects the intended theme of celebrating those we’ve lost rather than getting lost in our own grief.

Video Credits:
Production Company: VIRGA
Director: Michael Arter
Producer: Justin Kohlas
Director of Photography: Wenting Deng-Fisher
Gaffer: Luke Fisher
Editor: Evelyn Osborn

Matthew Mikita
Dylan Obosky
Laura Levenhagen

Pete Alexander
Catalina Archin
Terri Arter
Pat Arter
James Frame
Myron Frame
Robin L. Frame
Kathleen Macare
Terrence R. Reynolds
Carol Reynolds
Gerilynn Sevenikar
Scott Wilson

Special Thanks:
Pat & Terri Arter
Pete Alexander

Music Credits:
All Music Written and produced by Saticöy
Vocal Production by Aaron Berton
Mixed by Rashawn McLean
Mastering by Michelle Mancini