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Ryan Reynolds on Getting Hugh Jackman Back For ‘Deadpool 3’

Ryan Reynolds on Getting Hugh Jackman Back For ‘Deadpool 3’


Deadpool 3 sent shockwaves through the entertainment world when it was announced that Hugh Jackman would be returning to reprise his role as Wolverine in the new movie. The next in the Ryan Reynolds-starring superhero series will mark the first time that Jackman steps back into his iconic role since he retired from the character after 2017’s acclaimed film Logan directed by James Mangold. Collider’s own Steven Weintraub had the chance to talk with Reynolds for his upcoming Apple TV+ Christmas musical, Spirited, and he discussed the process that went into getting Jackman to return to his beloved role, saying that the prospect of getting to see Logan and Wade in a film together is “beyond any dream I would ever be audacious enough to have.”

Weintraub asked Reynolds if he was able to talk about the conversations that went into getting Jackman back for the upcoming film, to which the series star replied by saying that he doesn’t really take responsibility for getting Jackman to return but did say that he had pushed heavily to have a film starring Deadpool and Wolverine.

“I think you’re giving me too much credit. I don’t believe that I’m responsible for Hugh coming back. I always wanted Hugh to come back. My first meeting with Kevin Feige when Disney bought Fox years ago, maybe three years ago, or three and a half, four years ago, I’m not sure, was about doing a movie with the two of us, a Deadpool Wolverine movie. And that was not possible at the time. And then Hugh just happened to call at that perfect moment and express that he’d be interested in coming back and doing this one more time. And the contents of that conversation, I’ll let Hugh, because I know it’s only inevitable that you and Hugh are going to speak at some point soon, I’m sure. I’ll let Hugh answer that on his own. But he expressed interest in coming back, and then it was my job to take that to Kevin Feige one more time and sell it.”

He also spoke about how important it was to him to get the two characters to star in a movie together.

“It’s not like adding Hugh Jackman to a movie like this is a hard sell. It’s an immediate and emphatic, unqualified yes. It’s a lot of moving parts and Fox and X-Men and all that kind of stuff that Marvel needs to sort through. A lot of red tape in order to make that happen. And they did it. And I’m really grateful that they did it, because for me, working with Hugh is a dream come true. But working with Logan and having Logan and Wade together in a movie is beyond any dream I would ever be audacious enough to have. So I’m really, really super fucking excited to do this film.”

This will not be the first time that Reynolds and Jackman will appear in a film together as Deadpool and Wolverine, with the duo playing these roles in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, though the film made certain creative decisions with the character of Deadpool that fans were not too happy with. The depiction of the fan-favorite character was so maligned that in the credit sequence of Deadpool 2, the new version of Deadpool is shown going back in time to kill the previous version. This will be the first time that the two characters will be in a film with portrayals of the characters that will be more true to their roots.

Deadpool 3 Filming Start Date
Weintraub also asked Reynolds if he was able to discuss the possible start date for the filming of Deadpool 3, saying that he had heard that the filming was set to begin in April. Unfortunately, the answer that came back from Reynolds was neither confirmation nor a denial of the proposed start month, answering with a simple “I don’t know.” When asked if this meant that a date was not yet decided, the response was “Start dates are negotiable.” The interview ended with Reynolds saying how grateful he was to all the fans and how excited he was for the upcoming film. “They’re the ones who’ve got Deadpool made in the first place.”

The Shawn Levy-directed Deadpool 3 is set to premiere in theaters on November 8, 2024. Watch what Reynolds had to say abut Deadpool 3 in the player above, and stay tuned to Collider for future news and updates about the upcoming project and MCU debut of the beloved character.