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Resident Evil 3 Remake – Official Nemesis Trailer

Resident Evil 3 Remake

Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Producer: Masachika Kawata, Peter Fabiano
Series: Resident Evil
Platform: PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox One
Release: April 3, 2020
Genre: Survival horror
Mode: Single-player, multiplayer

Resident Evil 3 is an upcoming survival horror game developed and published by Capcom. The game is a remake of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1999), and follows Jill Valentine as she attempts to escape a zombie apocalypse while hunted by an intelligent bioweapon known as Nemesis. It is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One on April 3, 2020. It also has an online multiplayer mode, Resident Evil: Resistance.