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PS5 Price And Release Date Announced


During the PlayStation 5 reveal event and subsequent streams, Sony remained tight-lipped regarding the pricing or release date of Sony’s next-gen system, but finally that key piece of information has been shared as part of the latest PS5 showcase. As announced near the very end of the presentation, the PS5 will cost $500 / €500 / $750 AUD for the Standard Edition and $400 / €400 / $600 AUD for the Digital Edition. It will release on November 12.

According to the PlayStation Blog, that date will be the release across several markets: the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea. Then on November 19 it will launch elsewhere, including Europe, Middle East, South America, Asia and South Africa.

The release details were the culmination of a presentation that included trailers and new game announcements including Final Fantasy 16 and a new God of War. We also got fresh looks at Spider-Man: Miles Morales (which is also coming to PS4), the remake of Demon’s Souls, and more.

Microsoft recently detailed the price for Xbox Series X of $500 and a November 10 release date. On that same day, Xbox Series S will launch for $300. Xbox preorders go live on September 22. Sony previously indicated it’s more concerned with PS5’s value, rather than the price alone, although the Series S price potentially put pressure on Sony.