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PlayStation 4: The aftermath

PlayStation 4: The aftermath


Sony’s PlayStation 4 has had an interesting launch week, with a ridiculous unboxing trailer, reports of numerous problems with already shipped units and a huge game reveal. How has the Internet responded now that the PlayStation 4 has been released in North America?

The PlayStation 4 was released in North America on November 15, allowing Sony to focus on this launch before the console comes out in Europe on November 29. In contrast, Xbox One will release in both territories on November 22.

Sony further attempted to reduce launch problems by allowing the important day one update for the PlayStation 4, which contained many key software features, to be pre-downloaded from its website – to be transferred to the console via a USB stick. That way, the strain on Sony’s servers would be reduced.

Nevertheless, some users reported problems with the PlayStation Network. In addition, a number of users reported broken HDMI cables, error messages upon attempting to download games, problems with ejecting discs and the ominous Red Line of Death.

Sony maintains that these problems are limited to 0.4% of shipped PlayStation 4 consoles. The omnipresence of social media has likely exaggerated the extent of the problems; this is the first major console release (sorry, Wii U) since Twitter and Facebook have taken hold.

In addition, the launch line-up of PlayStation 4 games is hardly strong, with lukewarm reviews received for PlayStation 4 exclusives Knack and Killzone: Shadow Fall. Further exclusives such as Infamous: Second Son and Uncharted 4 will of course strengthen the PlayStation 4′s position over the Xbox One, but for now, at least, gamers are left with very few reasons to choose the PlayStation 4 over the Xbox One, in terms of games.

Commentators have also discussed the importance of the next generation consoles. Does the popularity of mobile gaming diminish the significance of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases or does it highlight the gulf in quality and class between the platforms? What about PCs? It appears that this generation of consoles barely match up to the specs of current mid-range gaming PCs.

What have been your initial experiences with the PlayStation 4? Are you happy with your purchase?