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How to Play Roulette

How to Play Roulette


The game of Roulette is often considered to be a game for aristocrats and players seem to be imbued with a sense of regality when indulging in this thrilling game of chance. There are two versions, either 37 or 38 with the latter boasting a double zero option.

The Setup of Roulette

Roulette requires three major pieces of equipment which are:

The wheel is placed at the head of the table with the numbers 0 through 37. Numbers are in sequence in a clockwise direction and alternate between colors black and red. On American roulette wheels, there will also be a double zero.

The table is almost rectangular and depicts all the numbers visible on the wheel. This is where players will place their chips once they have decided on their bets. Apart from the numbers, you will also notice odd, eve, black and red squares.

The Ball is will be used by the dealer who will drop it onto the wheel once it has begun to spin.

Placing an Online Roulette Bet

The first thing on your agenda is to find a table, most casino roulette tables nowadays will have an electronic board displaying previous numbers which the ball has landed on. Tables will usually offer different bets for inside and outside players which we will cover shortly.

Before you decide to choose a table, be sure to hang around and watch for a while. There are certain things that could be at play, such as the dealer dropping the ball at exactly the same angle or above a certain set of numbers every time, which in turn means that the ball will likely be ending up in the same group of numbers.

Many casinos have adopted the method of giving each player a different color set of chips in order to differentiate them. Once you have decided on the table, you will give your chips to the croupier. Chips come in a variety of denominations. Remember that roulette chips can only be used at the roulette table, so if you would like to leave the game for something else you will need to hand your chips to the croupier so they may exchange it for normal ones.

Players are given a brief time to place bets, however, once the croupier has called “No more bets”, which is when the ball drops from the slanted sides onto the actual numbered section of the wheel.

Upon the ball settling on a number, the croupier will place a marker on the winning number and will proceed to use his rake to clear all losing bets before paying the winner. The process will continue like this throughout the game.

Players will do well to keep in mind that the game of roulette is based on chance. There are a myriad of strategies that are employed by novices and stalwarts alike. Although many players swear by their tactics, there is no ultimate winning strategy. Each time the ball is dropped it has exactly the same chance of landing on any number. For instance, if in the previous round the ball landed on 4, there is just as much chance of it landing on 4 again as it does on landing on another number.