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Place your bet for the battle of the sexes

Place your bet for the battle of the sexes


Casino betting is usually viewed as a male-dominated activity, but that could not be further from the truth. No matter who you are, there are always new casino promotions to discover!

However, it’s easy to see where this misconception comes from. Watch any old black and white film and you will quickly notice that everyone you see in that gambling scene will be male. Whether it’s a football match, race meets or a crowded casino, the spectators, along with those who are gambling, will be exclusively men. Things have changed a lot over the years, even if the outward perception hasn’t completely turned around.

A new survey conducted by He Plays, She Plays confirms that the line between male and female gambling rates is almost an even split, with the results showing that 56.2% of gamblers are men and 43.8% are women. But what are the real differences between the different genders’ gambling habits? Read on to find out.

According to the aforementioned survey, for men, it would appear that the most popular way to gamble online is to opt for sports betting. Out of the 1,000 people asked, 73% of men said that they preferred to bet on sports when playing online. The second favorite forms were online poker at 29.18% and 28.65% preferring to play online Bingo.

Speaking of online Bingo, their survey found that almost 60% of women all preferred to play online Bingo, above all other options. Although sports betting is definitely the most popular form of gambling overall, online Bingo comes a close second, with an increasing number of men now joining the party.

But why do people gamble online? The survey went on to questions the players’ motivations for playing. Unsurprisingly, the majority of respondents, both male and female, admitted that they play purely for the money and the win. 22.5% of women and 19.4% of men said that they gamble when they’re bored, with only another 5% saying that they played just for the thrill of it. It would seem that women show a considerably higher level of caution when they play, over 70% saying that they would cash out by the time they reached a £500 win. Only 9% of women would use the cash credit to carry on playing and try their luck, with a slightly higher 13% of men saying the same.

Perhaps one of the most interesting parts of the survey is how much men and women spend on online gambling – it’s here that we find the main differences between the two sexes. The results of the survey show that 51.8% of women spend between £1 and £10 a week compared to just 35.9% of men. Not what you’d expect, right? Well, these figures are quickly explained when you look further on in the results and find that in the £11 to £20 bracket, the numbers are somewhat reversed with 19% of women appearing in this pattern, compared to 25.4% of men. This pattern is repeated further down the increasing spending bracket, demonstrating that more than twice as many men spend more than £500 a week than women.