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Solis Magazine Photography Showcase – Strings and Diamonds

Solis Magazine Photography Showcase – Strings and Diamonds


Photographer: Karl M. LEE
Model: Danilsa Ortega
Mua: Gisela Gomez

It isn’t just the image, it’s not just the subject, but it is the story. In the process of capturing these images, requirements need to be met, and certain determination, its all built on teamwork and the drive to get the shot, which moves your adrenaline from the creative ideas that keep the motivation going. Once you are behind the camera there is nothing else but you and the thought of living in that moment. we are in the moment, we are in the process of something special, we are on a path, a path of no end. Its all about the work, and my creative photographer and talented makeup artist, we were a team come up with some very interesting work. Karl Lee was so open and had the ideas going and used different lens and lighting to get different looks. My makeup artist, Gisela Gomez, was very patient and was also my hairstylist for the day.

Incorporating stones and yarns definitely was different but we already had a vision in mind so we went for it. With the red yarn, I wanted to feel like my space and movement was limited. As for the rime stones, it was almost a fantasy, being the only one in the room, being soft and mystical. The outcome of these shots was amazing. The photos from the shoot were amazing but the story and process is memorable.. the Yarn Story, The Diamond story each concept different in they own right, and unique in they own right, beauty is beauty, its a feeling of being, being pretty being powerful, controlling all eyes on me, beauty is a beautiful world taking the viewer somewhere special to my special place…welcome to my journey, beauty can be tied up and knotted, and very hard to unravel, thus its being binded, through life up’s and downs we still shine bright like diamonds..

Photography Showcase – Strings and Diamonds

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