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Photography Showcase – The starlet feature

Photography Showcase – The starlet feature


Photographer by Colin Winstanley
Model: Chloe Anslow

Wardrobe Credits:
Silver dress is from Quiz
Black lingerie is from SavagexFenty

The starlet is a set of fashion and lingerie images that tell a story about a woman’s claim to fame, and behind closed doors. There was a lot of technicalities involved that varied from the styling, to the posing, and the lighting/backdrop set up. We focused on creating a drastic contrast in the sets to give it character. Me and Colin always constantly add something in each shoot and always work our best to improve our skills and provide a variety of shots into each shoot.

When I thought to use the dress, I thought of the Hollywood starlets who were so full of glitz and glamour. And always in the spotlight, even if they may have not wanted it from time to time. They are iconic and they are timeless, not that the term ‘timeless’ can be narrowed down to a style, but I hoped to recreate a similar feel for myself when I look back at my modelling images.

The glitter dress was very fitting for the theme due it’s light, airy, vintage feel to it. The details on it are absolutely gorgeous. Then we go into the darker boudoir theme, dark and moody but the detail is still there – I liked the idea of thinking “despite everything – you’re still human.” While that is a game reference, I feel very strongly about the quote as even with all the glitz and glamour, the character I portray in these shots is human; and behind that, I’m also still very much human. And she’s a mask, a character you see through and on the screen. Even down to the different colour of lipsticks, the whole mode and scenario seems to change with just the smallest of features.

The light and dark theme allowed us to look at two moods, two personalities and two styles. It definitely has a personal touch to it that some can feel and interpret from the images. And I like that about conceptual shoots, I like that the viewer/beholder is given the power to look and create their own story, their own version of events from the images we create. They add their own personalities, quirks and stories to the person in the picture and in all honesty, I sometimes do that too, shooting allows me to create characters and scenarios, that sometimes is my technique for reducing forms of stress and anxiety I have on shoots and both Colin and I can attest that this is a useful method – a technique I have used since our very first shoot together – we are now on shoot number seven and we are still going strong!

Colin worked very hard with me to bring this to life with his studio and I believe he did absolutely phenomenal. He utilized his skills with lighting, and set up to make this all work. The blocks he uses in the silver sets he had sized down himself to give it context, almost akin to furniture. And allowed me to pose differently to what I would usually do, this was actually one of my first experiences with a prop. Something very surreal and interesting and it allowed me to garner confidence in using future items for shoots without anxiety or hesitation, since this shoot I have used a variety of props venturing from something as small as make up, to having to use vehicles or equipment to get around for images.

Since this very shoot I have added to my glitter and glitzy collection with a variety of dresses and jumpsuits/rompers that are now available for different styles of shoots and I cannot wait to purchase some more to use.

Photography Showcase - The starlet feature

Photography Showcase – The starlet feature

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