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Photography Showcase – Roaming Winter

Photography Showcase – Roaming Winter


Photographer: Thomas H P Jerusalem, MUTE Photography
Model: Katya Wick
Designer: C. Rinella Designs

Playful innocence mixed with apprehension: the dichotomy of a modern child. What does one do when they are born to workaholics?

Katya was born into an incredibly affluent family, her father was the lead programmer for Astrix, pioneers in space exploration who broke the limitations of interdimensional travel. Katya’s mother was known for her discoveries in longevity science, that is, she cracked the genetic code to defeat disease and thus aging. With unlimited time came unlimited drive for wealth.

Life was one of exploration and contemplation for Katya, but oftentimes her life was also one of boredom. Sure, she could live forever, but she would often wonder if she ever wanted to. With impermanence came certain valor, a certain virtue of sacredness that had been lost and forgotten once the possibility of irradicating disease was actualized. “Do we not lose sight of having meaning in life when we have unlimited chances to make mistakes, unlimited do-overs?” Katya asked herself. “Is it even possible to be human anymore when we are tapped into an all-knowing source of knowledge…are these thoughts even my own?”

Being born to workaholics Katya had a different relationship to time. Many people dissociated with time as now it was an unlimited resource, but for her, the idea of living forever only perpetuated her longing for affection and validation. If her parents got old, they would have to slow down and she could take care of them. Now, they can work endlessly, leaving her forever roaming, forever trapped in a mentality of longing for how things used to be.

Katya would often get lost in fantastic imaginary adventures to other planets and star systems, because even though the capacity to travel to other star systems was there, Katya was told that it was too dangerous to leave because of who her father was. She would dream of planets where there were beings that looked just like humans, where there was only love and no one even thought about hurting one another. She would run through the forest, pretending to be on her toy space ship, zipping through wormholes and visiting many other planets where love was the ultimate virtue. Back on Earth, she thought, love was exclusive and conditionally given out only to those who had earned it. What a funny concept, that in exchange for the unlimited time we traded in our capacity for kindness, for comradery, for togetherness, for love. By prolonging our lives indefinitely, somehow people became selfish. Was there something she could do about it? Probably not, for she was just a child living under the shadow of the success of her parents, but she certainly could try.

Photography Showcase - Roaming Winter

Photography Showcase – Roaming Winter

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