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Photography Showcase by Rizos de Oro

Photography Showcase by Rizos de Oro


Photographer: Felipe Wallis @felipewallis
Model: Maurilio @kobramulato
Art Direction: Fabricio Perez.
Location: Milan, Italy

Wardrobe Credits:
LOOK1-Indoors pictures: top: Marni, pants:COS, shoes: ASOS, socks: Punto Blanco.
LOOK2-Outodoor pictures: Top Random Identities, Pants: Bottega Veneta, Shoes: Dr Martens.

The story behind this Project is one of an experiment. The main focus is a gender fluid styling used to show how the wearer achieves to communicate its aesthetic universe through fashion and body language.

Milan is the location for this shooting where there are indoors and out door pictures to reflect the idea of how the “frame” is irrelevant because it always showcases the genderless message which was the focus when creating the looks. The Photographer acts as an alter ego figure playing and working with light and frames to get the most of each location so that fashion is always the main carácter enhanced by the background and how it is shown.

The selected brands reflect our current reality as garments adapt to both female and male, there are no distinctive and exclusive features to band individuals from using them based on gender stereotypes. The looks are not only seasonless but fresh and colorful. Special interest was given to avoid a flashy and dramatic effect. Bold colors and cuts give the styling a balanced edgy mood achieving natural and very solid combinations. All together with hair and makeup the outcome is an image of natural, cool exclusivity.

The location is urban with hints of distopic countryside elements in the inner courtyards and when indoors sort of every day elements of clean lines, and a rug in shades of blue with strong ethnic references. The photographer guides us through the lens underlining what he considers most important in these fashion portraits hinting and reflecting what is interesting to him. The black and White pictures give us the other interpretation of looks and location when colour is missing . Both in colour and in black and white the looks strength and freshness are achieved and shown through the photographers easthetic DNA.