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Photography Showcase – Ritual Industry

Photography Showcase – Ritual Industry


Royal Dissension: Designs, headpieces, accessories, creative director
Sam Kaczur: Photographer, re-toucher and Co-Creative Director
Female Model: Rapture
Model: Sebastian Tirlui
Male Model: Nathan Mclean
Male Model: Thilo Thompson
Female Model: Lady C
Model: Sierra Lundy
Female Model: Dominique Huyghe
Makeup Artist: Erin Geer
Male Model: Devonte Hepburn
Hair Stylist: Jen Mathison
Makeup Artist: Angie Balbon
Fashion Designer: Royal Dissension
Female Model: Chennelle Lee
Makeup Artist: Mask Era
Female Model: Sophia Rupprecht
Male Model: Chris Champagne

Royal Dissension is a bespoke fashion costume designer. Charged with the sovereign duty of fashioning the mind through presentation and discussion. To achieve connection, Royal Dissension appropriates powerful symbols from minorities and cultures throughout history.

The intention of Royal Dissension is to invoke nostalgia, thought and strong emotion. Through a deep sense of relative connection and responsibility, Royal Dissension vows to harvest critical thought and restore balance in an unjust world.

Everyone partakes in fashion. Whether it be functional or ceremonial. Every person and every culture participate in the art and language of fashion. Because of this massive daily involvement, the designer Royal Dissension believes that fashion and costume can be used to bridge misunderstandings and therefore effect global change.

For this reason, all of Royal Dissension’s collections focus on more than fashion, esthetics and sex appeal. Royal Dissension uses cultural, ancient aesthetics accompanied by historical quotes to bring a discussion to issues that impact all of us. Royal Dissension’s goal is to fashion the mind first and foremost.

Each collection from Royal Dissension focuses on a critical social matter by presenting different perspectives of an argument. Visually recognizing different perspectives of an argument is intended to invoke thought and most importantly discussion. Through a connection, each collection of Royal Dissension hopes to educate and empower people to create change.

Ritual Industry is the debut fashion costume collection released by Royal Dissension. Like all of Royal Dissension’s collections to come, Ritual Industry uses fashion and symbolism to discuss complex human concerns. Royal Dissension uses this collection in particular to approach some uncommon topics and poses a challenging question about the benefits and disadvantages of power and authority.

The collection, Ritual Industry, visualizes and reflects upon opposite perspectives. Each of the eleven looks presented in the Ritual Industry collection carefully embodies a unique persona. Each persona is governed by a set of historical and fantastical circumstances. Within the designs and presentation of the collection, you will see that Royal Dissension addresses many of the different perspectives around power and authority.

In a delicate struggle to achieve genuinely and moving connection with you, the designer, Royal Dissension, uses powerful symbols from various cultures, religions, and minorities, first capturing their essence and then casting them in opposing roles.

These symbols and oppositions are brought to life with a series of historical quotes from influential people. The collection not only journeys through a stunning visual display but it also challenges common mental perspectives with powerful statements.

Royal dissension practices using symbols and characteristics of oppression within the contrast of opulence. Elite silhouettes and tribal regalia are applied in the presentation of each argument while traditions are rewritten casting aside common gender roles. This careful chemistry of reference and application allows the presentation of new perspectives to be illuminated, seen and experienced.

Royal Dissension believes that fashion and costume are effective tools to instigate change – personal and global. Through this universal yet personal expression, everyone can be inspired and awakened into action.

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The photography featured in this editorial is the work of Vancouver-based fine art photographer Sam Kaczur. After seeing Sam’s work in other editorials, Sam was the obvious choice to shoot the debut collection, Ritual Industry. Upon reading Sam’s approach and philosophy toward photography I knew I had selected a like-minded artist.

“Experiencing the unknown, the dreams, the secrets…I show the beauty in vulnerability, the acceptance of the pain and the hope that resides in all of us. Even in the darkest times. My goal is to not capture beautiful images but to create a story that emphasizes a person’s emotions, dreams, hopes, fears, and memories. I want everyone who views my photographs to experience a sense of comfort in the mysterious corners of their subconscious mind. I want that place to be a refuge where they can allow their suppressed thoughts to come to light and to grow in understanding of who they truly are…”

All of these editorial photographs were taken outdoors on the same day. It was a rainy, cold day on location at a historical site in Hope, British Columbia, known as the Othello Tunnels. This location was selected for its symbolism and obvious connection to power and inequality