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Photography Showcase – A Psychedelic Easter

Photography Showcase – A Psychedelic Easter


Photographer: Thomas H P Jerusalem, MUTE Photography
Models: Kelsey and Bobbie Fleming

Story by Kelsey Fleming

The icy winds of change cut through me as I find myself in shoes that pinch my toes. The rye-grass skin of the earth offered a soft comfort. My frozen skin prays for the sun to peek through the gloomy clouds to kiss the land with warmth. However, the winds never give the chance. The gloomy weather reminds me of the sadness hidden inside of me. Thinking for a moment, I don’t recall filling my basket or how I found myself on these rolling hills. Ann are you listening to me?î Jo asked while looking up at me. I looked down to find her crouched over a beautiful arrangement of colorful flowers, the brightest I’ve ever seen. ìI’m going to bring them with us.î she repeated.

I couldn’t stop the WOW that floated from my mouth as the flowers captivated me with their colors. Their beauty is truly ephemeral. Where did you find these? Well, I picked the flowers over in those bushes. Jo replied as she pointed to an opening to a dead part of the forest.îI bet we could get more in there?

Are you sure we should do that?î I asked Jo with an unsettling anticipation. Come on these are wonder lust flowers Ann, it’ll be fine. Jo started off for the opening of the forest. I watched the world shift around me yet I did not move. My coat felt like it melted off releasing me from the heavy burden. Suddenly a light flashes a warm glow over us. Out of the corner of my eye I catch a perplexing shape of a man. I turned quickly to see no one there. Along the path these colorful flowers peeked through the shrubbery. I could taste their pollen in the chill damp air. I could even taste the trees and their seedlings.

Jo ran ahead crashing through fallen leaves, immersing herself within them. The crunches and cracks turned to the clashing of broken porcelain and glass. A dimness set itself over the forest and the plants began to stir. My mind dwells on the past. Timidly I ask Jo, ìDid you feel that light or see anyone earlier?

I saw you Isn’t it just us? Jo questioned back confused. Yea your right of course I said, still feeling precarious. What are you doing? Having fun! Come on! Jo replied. Jo rolls around among the dead leaves hiding transfixing colored eggs and flowers. Look at the stuffed bunnies!îJo said, handing me a cute bunny that smelled like a gorgeous flower garden. A sweet smell creeped into the air setting my hair on end. Warming lights burst around us again. I did everything I could do to keep my heart from climbing out of my throat when the light died revealing him. His ears only added to his height. Where was Jo? I whipped around in panic. She was here. We were always together. His white fur glisend as he stepped into the light. Choking on my own heart, I drop to my knees swallowing it down hard. Breathing deeply, I let the anxiety and fear wash out of me. Awaiting the unknown I feel a compelling unification with the music of nature. A calming voice whispers Joann are you ready? I open my eyes to find no one. I find my feet have freedom. A stuffed bunny lay at my knees. She wore a cute dress and smelled of flowers.

Oh my darling there you are, a familiar soft voice called to Joann.

Photography Showcase – A Psychedelic Easter

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