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Photography Showcase by Otter Love “Boho Chic”

Photography Showcase by Otter Love “Boho Chic”


Photographer: Madralynn Haye – Otter Love Photography
Female Model: Kellijane Prescott

The photographer Madralynn Haye took photography in high school and loved it. I would take photos of my friends and nature. Life got busy and photography got put on the back burner. In 2006, I moved to Morro Bay, CA and picked up a camera again and started shooting wild life. I captured everything I possibly could. Sitting in the bay photographing the sea otters was one of my favorite things to do. Hence my business name “Otter Love Photography”. In 2011, I left Morro Bay and headed back to my home town. There I started photographing people. But, it was not until we moved to Dayton, NV that my passion for taking people and wild life photographs came alive.

Madralynn has spent the past two years pushing myself to get to where I want to be in my photography journey. I never imagined this would be my job but, more than that it is such a joy to be able to create beautiful art with such amazing people. Madralynn graduated in May with a Bachelor’s Degree from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California.

The model Kellijane Prescott is in the process of pursuing a career in health coaching, graduating from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She uses fashion photography and natural beauty as an advertisement for good health. Modeling has always been a huge passion of hers, to get positive publicity. With her keen sense of fashion, and strive for individuality. She has set a public image for herself representing; enlightenment, freedom, healthy appearance, peace, spirituality, positive mental state, and knowing what to consume and what not to consume as far as diet. Kellijane has been a diehard vegan for 10 years now. You can follow her on her Instagram page (@positivemindsthnkalike). She uses this publicity to raise awareness about healthy lifestyles and how important it is to eat a plant based because it clears your mind and soul of negative energy which ultimately creates a more positive you. She is very passionate about education on how important it is to eat organic and not contribute to factory farming.

This photo shoot was shot in the old country side. Where fresh air and good nature were all you needed for a cure of a diagnosis of depression. Back when we lived off the land, and packaged food wasn’t a thing. Life had a more positive frequency happening on this planet and ultimately that is a goal of Madralynn Haye and Kellijane Prescott. They both are strong believers in being on this earth to create a better place. To have a place that isn’t destroyed for our children. Where people do not take pills to feel better, where they simply go out in nature and eat some fruits and veggies to feel better.

The clothing is right out of Free People. In the 1970’s a young man named Dick Hayne created a store named Free People, this store was in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The clothing was created for young adults who looked for a little of their freedom in the clothes they wore. The store eventually became two stores; the other store is called Urban Outfitters. Source (freepeople.com/help/our-story). The Model in this photo shoot Kellijane Prescott started wearing Free People at age 12, due to her older sisters being complete fashionistas with a sense of individuality. Kellijane would always shop at free people and Urban outfitters while on travels with her family to New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. In Kellijane’s hometown Reno Nevada, these stores didn’t exist and still do not because even though Reno is a city it is known as the “Biggest Little City in the World”.