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Photography Showcase – Mystery of Beauty

Photography Showcase – Mystery of Beauty


Photographer: Jonathan Grills
Makeup: Anmol Kler
Model: Nadeja Ouedraogo
clothes: Zelika Ouedraogo
stylist: Amandeep Banait

Africa woman, beauty, and mystery. It was the theme of our shoot. We tried to show through this shoot that She is beautiful in the desert as she is on the beach. The beauty of different culture. When we decide to make this ethical shoot we were exited and worry at the same time. How can we show so many centuries of history, so many complexities of culture in one photoshoot? My name is Nadeja Ouedraogo. I am a Hybrid woman. I was born in Africa, I was raised in the warm sand of the desert and became a woman in Canada surrounded by love and difference.

The difference is the beauty, beauty of life. I am a hybrid woman share between modernity and tradition. In my culture, the women’s eyes are more dangerous than any army or any Weapons. For women’s eyes kings lost their kingdom, brothers killed brothers and it’s with the amazing young makeup artist Anmol Kler we tried to We wanted to recreate an image of Cleopatra the woman with most beautiful eyes. We wanted also use craft (from west Africa Burkina faso) To highlight the facial. We wanted to show the curves of the women and highlight another sensual part of the woman I mean the belly. From the east to the west, woman’s belly has long been a disturbing thing for men. In the middle east women use it to dance, in an accident it is a revolution of fashion and in Africa, it is considered as the holy part. Jonathan Grills is a fashion photographer and a lover of art. Woman body is a God’s masterpiece.

He always tries to show the perfection and beauty in every woman and find in every imperfection the beauty of the perfection. The stylist Amandeep Banait and I had some much fun to try everything in the studio, we improvised, we created. we were like kids with candy. Originally the flowers was not a part of the shoot we found it in the studio and we were exited to try something different and the result was spectacular. I come from Africa but I am also Canadian

I want to merge my two cultures because for me there is no one kind of beauty. The beauty of a woman is not just the face or belly or legs. The beauty of women is in her strength, her gentleness, her perfections and imperfections, her power to give life, her fragility and weakness. She is beautiful when she cry and when she gets up to wear her crown. She is a queen. Finally, at the end of the shoot, we realized that we didn’t celebrate just the mystery of an Africa’s woman but the mystery of every woman, the beauty of every Queen. Beauty is not about the color or part of the world it’s anything about really clothes its nothing also about the color of hair or eyes .it is why beauty is just a mystery.

Solis Magazine Photography Showcase - Mystery of Beauty


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