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Photography Showcase – Minerals

Photography Showcase – Minerals


Female Model: Jasmine Petrov @BMG Models NY
Makeup Artist: Sonia R
Creative Director/Photographer/Retoucher: Rutvik Katuri
Accessory Designer: MIA
Female Model: Kelly Mulvihill @BMG Models NY
Fashion Designer: ZARA
Accessory Designer: Vintage
Accessory Designer: H&M
Wardrobe Stylist: Nikolett Nemeth
Fashion Designer: Augusta Sportswear

Minerals and fashion have gone hand in hand for many generations. But very often the model or the object is the highlight of the photograph and the minerals take a backseat. The traditional style of adding gold, silver to the skin is to put on jewelry, ie a jewelry beauty shoot. But this fashion editorial is based on minerals to show how their color and texture accentuate the beauty and skin of a person. Costumes, makeup are all based on different minerals that we wear as beauty, the accessories that you see will not be in the form of jewelry instead it is a futuristic extension of your body.