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Photography Showcase – Madworld

Photography Showcase – Madworld


Photographer: Matthieu Colnat
IG: m.colnatphoto
WB: http://mangona6.wixsite.com/mcolnatphoto

More than 15 years ago now, I graduated from the ESRA, a cinema school in Paris, where I specialized in the work of imagination. At the time, I was aiming at becoming a director, which was the case in several short films, and even a documentary more recently. Then I forked toward the dubbing industry where I directed actors performing in front of a microphone for nearly a decade. Spending so much time in dark studios, focusing on nothing but sound reminded me of my background and the fact I was an artist of both image and sound. So something was clearly missing.

That’s how I got a digital camera to exercice and convert my knowledge from a few years back where I was using film. Even if the technique or sensitivity of the little black box changes, the dynamic and process of making a picture remain the same. And little by little, I tried to tame the digital camera and post-production to focus on more artistic matters.

All naturally, I started by shooting actresses, where the main goal is to clearly reflect a specific emotion on every picture. Then my travel continued on exploring the beauty, as I shot young models from fashion agencies.

These two aspects could actually be the essence of my work, or what could sum it up. With every shot I make, I try to express a feeling or convey a precise emotion, but overall the picture has to release a taste of beauty. It has to be graphic, visual, aesthetic, so it does fascinate me.

For this shooting, I went postapocalyptic because when contacting the model I saw her creations and thought it could be interesting to make these two worlds collide. Imagine the end of the world. Imagine the aera after that. Postapocalyptic scenery of destruction, broken buildings, places, faces… it’s very very MadWorld.

Photography Showcase - Madworld

Photography Showcase – Madworld

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