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Photography Showcase – Highrise Beauty

Photography Showcase – Highrise Beauty


Photographer – Ash Sharma
Website – ashsharma.photography
IG – instagram.com/ashsharma.photography

Model – Enku Gubaie
IG – instagram.com/egubaie

MUA/Hair – Maria Cristina Ochoa
Website – mariacristinaochoa.com
IG – instagram.com/mariacristinaochoa

Ash Sharma, a Boston based photographer specializes in fashion, beauty and editorial photography. Although a software engineer by profession, photography is not just a HOBBY for him it is an actual WAY OF LIFE! It’s not just how you hold a camera and snap a pic, its the way you see life and everything around you. He has over 7 years of experience and photography is a passion that drives him. His portfolio highlights images one at a time, mixing fashion shoots with landscape work and personal projects to give a full overview of his photography. High rise beauty is completely Urban Landscape Photography inspired theme with beauty and fashion photographic possibilities in the cities and urban areas where we live and work.

Every time I create a beautiful image I thank my team for making it possible. Everything has to do with collaboration. The people who are the best are the best at one thing and they know the importance of using the right people for things they can’t do. Those are the people you want to go to, to seek out and collaborate with. That’s why I love conceptualizing so much. I’ll say something that I am seeing in my head, and more often than not, the person sitting across from me sees it completely different from me – and often for the better. The best photographers, the ones I want to work with don’t sit and take directions, they work with you. And because of that kind of collaboration, I ALWAYS end up with a better piece. I’m all for full collaboration, sharing of ideas and pushing the point that the results will be down to the success of the teamwork. As we shared ideas and discussed the shoot it became clear that we were all on the same page. They wanted a real mix of styles – from very natural lifestyle to some shots with a more editorial edge.

And one of the main people on set with whom I need to have the strongest connection and mutual understanding is the model. Everything the model does or doesn’t do before and during the shoot can directly affect the post-production time and results, so it makes a lot of sense to be very selective with your models. My model was this shoot was XYZ, who was the ideal model taking my directions well and was able to emote the theme adding a very dynamic aspect to the shoot. The art of makeup is also a craft and it is an essential part of any photo shoot. The makeup artist is in a position to use their artistic skills to transform the face of the model, through their skills the look of the image can be taken to a higher level. I recently worked with ABC for my photo shoot who clearly understood the theme, style, and desires of this photo shoot and helped me to have a clear visual picture of how I was going to execute the look. He understood my role while maximizing my talent, creativity, and contribution to the rest of the team. Directing them both was straightforward because I’m able to explain exactly what I’m after and they just ‘get’ it.

High rise beauty theme is a collection of fashion photography that features some beautiful and glamorous urban model shots surrounded by the beautiful landscape and nature of Cityscape Photography which is beyond the capturing of the big picture cityscape that is usually quoted polished and clean. One of the things that I love about cities is the diversity that you can find there – both in terms of the people (it’s where all types come together) as well as visual diversity in the sites you’ll see there. Look for and capture the contrasts between architectural styles, building materials, colors etc and you’ll end up with some very interesting shots. Perhaps I wanted to create an assorted theme which is a combinative imagination of high rise architecture and beauty. As a photographer, when I hear the word landscape my mind l most likely conjure up images of lush valleys, looming mountains, and majestic, sweeping vistas. With good reason, as the natural world can be a place of staggering beauty. But done well, a different type of landscape photography, the urban landscape, can produce shots that are equally as compelling as anything Mother Nature can throw your way.

The energy of a major city lends images a vitality that can’t be found anywhere else. There are so much movement and life in the urban environment, and the best city shots capture that buzzing vibrancy. Perhaps, high rise beauty showcases the high rise snapshots of Boston city with perfect statuesque and striking model symbolizing fashion and beauty.

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Full Color, Glossy Finish – 8.5×11 INCHES
Additional Prints $10 Each