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Photography Showcase – Finding versatility through simplicity by Kerry Constable

Photography Showcase – Finding versatility through simplicity by Kerry Constable


Photographer: Kerp Photography
Model: Joselyne John
MUA: Jeanne Morneau
Wardrobe Stylist: Emmie Wong
Editorial writer: Kerry Constable
Assistant: Carolina Jimenez

OUTFIT 1: Pants and shoes: Top Shop, White top: Dynamite, White shawl: Forever 21, Gold earrings: vintage (thrifted)
OUTFIT 2: Pants: Top Shop, Blacktop: Forever 21, Gold necklace: vintage (thrifted), Shoes: Roberto Vianni
OUTFIT 3: Pants and white jacket: TOP Shop, Black top: Forever 21, Gold necklace: Vintage (thrifted), Shoes: Roberto Vianni
OUTFIT 4: The jumpsuit: Marciano, Shirt: RW &CO, Shoes: Aldo
OUTFIT 5: Red Jacket: Model’s jacket
OUTFIT 6: One piece body suit: Marcino

Sometimes stripping things down to their bare minimum is when the beauty and chicness of fashion shine through. With clothes that leave you noticing the allure of the person wearing them. Laying out the detail of the design in the cut and silhouette of the fit. In addition, keeping clothes in shades of black and white, exploring that very same idea in allowing the shadow to be the accompanying backdrop to this theme. Even in the makeup and hair. The focus is on bringing our eye to our model, Joselyne Morneau’s natural beauty. Highlighting her beautiful skin, bone structure. Her silhouette and strength of body. Allowing her inner beauty to be seen clearly. Without any distractions or outside favor.

By playing with these notions of simplicity, a sense of the stripped down. What does it leave us with? I believe it leaves us with the women standing in front of us. A woman who is ready for what her day offers and what her evening has in store. Clothing that can be envisioned in any backdrop. Whether she finds herself at the Sunday market, at a meeting or enjoying a Friday evening out enjoying cocktails with friends.

The creation of tailored clothing that moves with her physically and through her day. Simply switch up some shoes, take off or introduce a jacket and one is ready for a night out. Clothing such as this embodies the needs of the women in cities all over the world. Women who are working full days, without the time to make it home to “freshen up” and change. For so many, there simply isn’t enough time in a day to pull that off. Garments that allow a versatility in the day to evening, with slight changes to spice things up, are truly a godsend for so many, working, busy women. Giving women the freedom to maneuver through the day with a chic elegance. A look for every day, all day and into the night.

In addition, when speaking to Ricardo Vacas of Kerp photography. He made mention of the role that light and shadow played in the creation of this work.

Giving that further exploration, in regards to these images. It feels more as if light and shadow are a companion to the overall look. They accompany the theme of simplicity just like the black and white monochromatic clothing, dressed down hair and makeup.

Therefore, within this running theme. Light and shadow also take the stage as a subject to be photographed and highlighted. They are not opposites. Not opposing entities, but fellow companions. Working together to bring forward the notion of beauty and simplicity.

If we establish that light and dark don’t always have to be opposites. Then neither does strength and beauty, nor masculinity or femininity. Eliminating the line that divides them, while bringing to the forefront the idea of what could be the modern women. The women that embrace her true self. Shrugging off conceptual sexuality and creating her own unique vision of herself.

In conversation with the photographer, he made mention that he was initially compelled to work with model Joselyn Morneau because she reminded him a little of the Iconic Grace Jones. And though, simplicity is definitely not Grace Jones most famous attribute. Many more subtle traits of her’s have definitely been introduced.

The subtle inspiration being drawn from the embodiment of many of the things Ms. Jones stood for. Encouragement of gender fluidity, body positivity, androgyny, and the unapologetic attitude about one’s identity. An identity that doesn’t exist in any one particular category. An identity that is unique to each and every single individual. In this case, clothing that allows the wearer to stand center stage and shine through. Clothing that compliments your own personal silhouette, that acts as an assistant, or let’s say, a punctuation mark to who you are.

In truth, simplicity is not for everyone. For some, it leaves people with a feeling of exposure and nakedness.

But for those who are confident enough to enjoy it. It leaves you with a sense of fresh freedom. In a world where people are feeling overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of their lives. Versatility through simplicity is a welcomed friend to any wardrobe.

S-NATION: Finding Versatility Through Simplicity

S-NATION EDITORIALS: S-NATION: Finding Versatility Through Simplicity

Photographer: Kerp PhotographyModel: Joselyne JohnMUA: Jeanne MorneauWardrobe Stylist: Emmie WongEditorial writer: Kerry ConstableAssistant: Carolina Jimenez

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