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Photography Showcase – Arise

Photography Showcase – Arise


Photographer: Robbie Harvey
Female Model: Samantha Gagas
Makeup Artist: Noemi Kirkwood

Standing tall, a woman soaks in the light upon her face. She is determined, and her stance is unwavering. Her dress gracefully flies while she rises taller with each breathes, embracing the power building in the air whirling around. An unexplained elegance embodies her. Stripping down to her sheer, white dress, the woman walks into the water. She dances. Her dress twirls with her as she prepares for her sacred ritual. The power still builds around her as the light beams on her skin. It is time to begin.

Emerging from the still waters, a goddess appears to come into being. Her power is now beyond evident as she levitates effortlessly and rises above the water’s surface with grace. The image seems unearthly or impossible, yet there she is—a woman floating above the water.

As the sky darkens, the woman submerges into the water now only showing her face. Her skin is luminous, emanating a light from no other source but her own. Her eyes reveal a force, a spark, showing the charge of her goddess.

Photographer, Robbie Harvey, and model, Samantha Gagas, were inspired to create a story of a goddess-like woman with little to no editing in post. They both wanted to create the look of floating above a surface while looking completely effortless. The vision they had in mind would embody the goddess they wanted to create. Robbie and Samantha wanted to capture a goddess both in and out of the water. However, the primary goal of this shoot was the levitation as this would truly capture the essence of their inspiration. They knew it would be difficult to achieve the look of levitation. The location needed to have completely still waters while the model needed to have powerful core and ab strength to be successful.

Robbie expects his work to be high quality while conveying a story and emotion. Further, he was to show the sexiness of woman in fashion. Not all fashion or photography of women needs to be extreme. Subtle aspects of styling and posing can express sexiness and feel very womanly. Robbie strives to capture this aspect of the woman while fashion and integrity still being the primary goals.

Robbie specializes in fashion photography, although he does other styles of photography such as fitness and portraits. With a background in television, Robbie is relatively new to the world of photography. Photography has become a passion, and Robbie plans to focus on building his editorial and fashion portfolio. Being newer to photography, Robbie expects his work to progress with each shoot. He is very analytical when reviewing his work and questions what could be improved with nearly every image. Look for Robbie Harvey in the future and follow him and Samantha Gagas on social media to see their future projects together.