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Photography Showcase: Alice In Wonderland

Photography Showcase: Alice In Wonderland


Photographer: Maria D’Souza
Model: Natalia Boruch
Wardrobe Stylist: Scarlett Rose

The famous ‘Alice In Wonderland’ tale was an inspiration for this series of images. This whimsical photo shoot took place in an enchanted secret garden in England. Model Natalia plays the role of Alice, finding herself in this spectacular place filled with all kinds of wonderful things. A hidden place that no one knows. Chandeliers hanging everywhere. Wild flowers growing from every corner. Endless mirrors looking back at her. A stunning doll’s house fit for a princess. There’s a lot to discover. Here comes Alice, who fell down from a rabbit hole into this land of adventure, magic and wonder.

‘How this shoot came about? Well I have always been fascinated by the original Alice in Wonderland. I loved everything about it. I have always had an attraction towards fantasy and nature. Seeing as I spend a lot of time outdoors and discover stunning places, I very luckily found this charming little garden. Perfect setting for this theme. So much detail in every corner and so much to play with. I thought it was perfect for what I had in mind. So next thing I had to do was find my Alice, and this turned out to be my lovely model Natalia who looks just like a porcelain doll. Then on it became even more exciting, finding beautiful doll like dresses and accessories to dress her up and add to her character’.

Maria D’Souza is a self-taught photographer and artist, based in London, whose work includes fashion and nature. With nature as her main muse, Maria has consistently captured breathe taking images. Maria uses Photography as a means to inspire others to dream, find joy and seek experiences out of their comfort zone. Maria is often inspired by her dreams. They take her to a world full of fantasy and a land where there are no limits. She finds her imagination most active and unpredictable in her dreams.

Her wild imagination often leaves her eager to realise and capture her dreams. She loves the thrill and excitement of making her dreams her reality and the journey from start to finish.

Maria’s favourite kinds of shoots are the ones that are taken outdoors, in untamed nature. She loves to work with natural light and loves experimenting. Her love for the outdoors is reflected in much of her work; she often shoots outdoors as opposed to in a studio. ‘I absolutely love to shoot out in the wilderness with dramatic landscapes as my backdrop whenever I can. Playing with natural light is something that I find exciting and unpredictable. I love letting happy accidents happen, and I feel it mostly happens when working with nature. Whether it’s a friendly squirrel popping up and deciding to join me on a photoshoot or a spectacular peacock deciding to open his wings. It can be anything, which I welcome. I never want to limit myself.’.


Natalia Boruch is a Model and Actress born and raised in Poland. Natalia studied acting at the School of Art and Fashion Design in Crakow. She has always loved being in front of the camera since she was young. She discovered her love for acting first and then discover the modelling world. Modelling has taken her on journeys around the world. She loves being able to express herself and telling stories.