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Photography Showcase – 50’s Diva

Photography Showcase – 50’s Diva


Photographer: marinù nista
IG: marinunista
Model: Carmen Aquaro
WB: @carmenaquaro

Wardrobe Credits:
Shirt:H&M Necklace:Zara Jacker with fur: Vintage Earrings: Vintage Ring:H&M Gloves:H&M

I made this shooting in my car with my reflex and The iphone light infront a restaurant entrance. The idea was to represent the old movie diva. Red waves hair, melancony on her face and such a magnetic look. The pics should show The opulence of the diva life. For this reason I chose fur, big necklace of diamonds, big earrings and deep colors. Colors are strong, bright completely in opposition to The diva mood. The fame, beauty, money are not The key of happyness The most of The time. Anyway all The people crave them. My intention was a parallelism with our lives in The current world and The way that we manage them through The social media. The Instagram standards are very high for such young girls. Perfect bodied, hair, skin and many applications to let The user to create a fake image of herself but The image that people are use to see. Coming back to my pictures subject, she smiles in only one picture, when they see her at The car window but in The other pictures when she is alone in The car, The smile in her face disappears.The fiction is over and she can be real. She can feel sad maybe tired maybe unhappy. The point is that what we choose to show to the other people is conditioned from what The other people expect from us no matter what You are a simple girl or a famous person.