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Should you try PayPal Slots or normal registration?

Should you try PayPal Slots or normal registration?


It’s a good question; should you try Paypal slots or normal registration when you want to play games online? Although many people will certainly take their time in choosing the right casino based on the free casino games on offer, the reviews, and the look of the site, they won’t necessarily bother to look at the different payment options available, and they’ll only realize what they can pay with when it’s too late.

Read on to find out what is best in terms of Paypal or the standard means of payment so you know what to look out for when you play.

What Is Paypal?
Paypal is an online means of payment that was created initially to be used on the auction site eBay. Now, however, this American-made payment method is used globally, and on many different websites. It is easy, convenient, and secure, what is what makes people enjoy using it so much. It can be linked to a bank account or a debit or credit card, or you can pay money into your Paypal account to use if you prefer. Whatever you choose, it means that paying to play on a casino site is much safer than it would be if you used a different method.

It’s a quick task to create a Paypal account, and it only requires you to have an email address (which you can create solely for Paypal use if you prefer) and a password. Once you have those things, you can pay with Paypal on any site, and unless you need something to be shipped to you, you don’t even have to give out your address.

Banking Options
So if you don’t want to pay with Paypal for any reason, what’s left? The other options include using a debit card, paying via bank transfer, and in some cases – although rarely at the moment – using cryptocurrencies. Until April 2020 it was also possible to use a credit card, but this has now been banned (unless, of course, you have a credit card linked to your Paypal account).

The problem with all of these options is the security issue (apart from cryptocurrency, although the fact that currently only very few online casinos accept this form of payment makes it much less desirable as an option anyway). Each one can be hacked and information stolen that will compromise your financial situation. Plus, since you’ll need to enter your name and address, this information could be stolen too.

So if we look at the standard payment options compared to Paypal, it would seem that the latter has more going for it and does come out on top. Add to this the specifics of withdrawing money, and you’ll probably have decided on a preference.

Withdrawing money to a bank account or back onto a debit card can take a few hours, sometimes even days. This is not ideal, although, as long as you are not desperate for the money it’s not necessarily a deal breaker either. However, when you compare this timeframe to how long it takes for a Paypal withdrawal to be processed (just seconds) it just makes sense to use Paypal.