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Fashion Editorial: O B S C U R

Fashion Editorial: O B S C U R


Photographer/Art Director/Image Processing: Elizabeth Burns
Photographer’s Assistant: Linda Scanlon – www.facebook.com/lindascanlonphotography
Designer:  Christopher Averywww.chirstopheravery.com.au
Stylist: Caitlin Quick of Miss Scarlett Styling www.facebook.com/miss.scarlett.blog
Hair and Make Up Artist: Ally Jenkinswww.allyjenkinsmakeup.com
Model: Engin Bideci represented by Reel Faces FRM

 O B S C U R is an editorial that showcases the work of the very talented Melbourne Fashion Designer, Christopher Avery, aside the talents of other local artists situated around the city of Melbourne. The imagery presents strong contrasted scenes and obscurity of the locations surrounding the subject through the utilizing of shadows to create an impression of ambiguity.  The images are processed to a mixture of black and white shots aside a selection of de-saturated toned photographs. This is to bring attention to the strong use of textures and shapes, and to lead the viewer’s eyes towards the subject and compliment the shapes and colors of the attire worn.

The title O B S C U R is intended to give an initial impression of darkness and black, in the aesthetic sense, in addition to giving an air of sophistication to the imagery. The hiding of extraneous detail is the intention of myself as the photographer, as mentioned above, with the aim of making the subject and the clothing the sole focus of the editorial.

The inspiration for the overall aesthetic is drawn from the attire worn; the images are intended to be an extension of the clothing in their visual appeal, and hopefully bring a feeling or emotive of what the clothing represents. The color images are intentionally processed so as to emulate tones of the clothing, and have been de-saturated so that the black and white images are not too distant in their execution from their color correspondents.

The designer whose attire stars in this editorial is the very talented Christopher Avery. The collection specifically showcased is titled “The Eighth Day”. This series delivers a men’s AW 2014 collection taking inspiration from the modern and spiritual world. Using a melange of textiles and a neutral color palette, this collection composes elements of nature, history, mythology and modern dress. Stylist Caitlin Quick of Miss Scarlett Styling complimented the presented imagery by providing a selection of accessories to complete the overall look. Caitlin’s keen eye for detail was able to provide the finer aspects of the shoot, being the icing on the cake of the final editorial.  Hair and make up was provided by the very skilled Ally Jenkins, who further enhanced the sleek and high-end appeal of the series with her extensive understanding of her artistic professional field.  Model Engin Bideci of Reel Faces FRM agency completed the series with his strong and captivating appearance. His keen understanding of direction, strong initiative in experimentation and great patience allowed for this shoot to come together as seamlessly as it has.

Finally, my job as the photographer was to come up with the concept, source the suitable creative’s who would be able to provide and add to the ideas I had in mind as well as be the art director for the entire project. This editorial was in the making for quite a few months, being put off a couple of times due to changes in team members and various issues with weather conditions. I didn’t wish to compromise on this series, and I’m thankful to such a patient team for having waited for the right time to shoot – especially to the model Engin Bideci who was asked to be a part of this shoot since the very beginning of it’s planning stages.

Overall I hope that the strong team of talented artists that I collaborated with on this project were able to present an intriguing and eye-catching editorial that captures the concept expressed.

(All attire provided by designer Christopher Avery, all accessories provided by the stylist Caitlin Quick)
Set One (white long sleeve top, black pants) – Pin-Tuck Shirt, Wide Leg Pant
Topman Ring
Set Two (black long sleeve top, white pants) – Fold Shirt, Moon Pant, Topman Ring
Set Three (white long sleeve shirt with black necklace, black pants) – Topman Necklace, Topman Ring, High Collar Shirt, Drop-Crutch Legging
Set Four (long grey textured jacket, white draped shirt, black drop crutch pants) –
Draped L/S Tee, Drop-Crutch Legging, Static Jacket, Topman Ring
Set Five (long ombre jacket, black see through shirt, black pants, gold belt) –Pleated Shirt, Drop-Crutch Legging, Ombre Vest, Sportsgirl Belt, House of Harlow Ring
Set Six (long white shirt/vest, black pants) – Sleeveless Pleated-Bib Shirt, Wide Leg Pant
Set Seven (long draped vest, black pants, golden necklace) –Draped Wrap Vest, Wide Leg Pant, Lovisa Necklace