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What is Normcore Fashion and How to Wear it – For Men

What is Normcore Fashion and How to Wear it – For Men


There are all kinds of buzzwords you hear bandied about when it comes to fashion, and in the last year or two, one such term you may have encountered is ‘normcore‘. But just what is normcore, and how can you dress in a normcore way while still also looking cool? Here, we take a look at what normcore means, how it applies to men’s fashion, and how you can include it in your own style if you want to.

What Does Normcore Mean?

Normcore is a kind of fashion statement that involves wearing things that are, in a way, ‘anti-trend’. It means that you dress in a style that would be associated with stereotypical suburban people, when they are doing something fairly ordinary, like going to the store or to play sports in the park.

Normcore Menswear

For women, this can mean mom jeans and knitwear, and a very comfortable look. For men, it can involve equally comfy things, like hoodies or rugby shirt styles worn with classic cut jeans (rather than with sportier styles, which would mean going more into the realms of ‘athleisure’, which is another current fashion style that has some overlap with normcore but can be a bit bolder and more trend-inspired). If you look a bit like a young dad from the suburbs taking his kid to play ball, then that’s the kind of feel you want to be going for.

How To Wear Normcore Without Just Looking Bland

The difficulty with normcore is that it can be hard to tell it apart from actually just having a really bland taste in clothing! A lot of women dislike the trend for its lack of glamor, and the fact it can be so easily done wrong and result in you just looking like you didn’t make an effort at all or simply aren’t interested in fashion – which can be hard if you are a fashionista!

For men, however, the difference between being mistaken for someone who actually does just wear basic jeans and tees and someone making a fashionable statement is generally a lot less important, and normcore can be a pretty practical and versatile way to dress – after all, it is literally designed to make you fit in and look ‘normal’! However, when you want to make your normcore look stylish, the best way is to choose luxury versions of the things you wear.

Plain jeans, a basic shirt, and sneakers will give you that normcore look while also being flattering and stylish if you choose low key designs from the current ranges by luxury brands, for example, some of the Givenchy sneakers you can find at SSENSE.  The collection from this brand has a classic, ‘normal’ sneaker styles but with an iconic, modern look that is anything but bland, and SSENSE is a great place to shop for Givenchy’s full men’s sneaker line.

So, there you have it. Is normcore a trend you think you’ll be trying out this year?