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Music Showcase – DJ Tribbs: Acapulco “Remix”

Music Showcase – DJ Tribbs: Acapulco “Remix”


The Sometimes Island are a synth-forward pop band based in Los Angeles and Albuquerque. The exciting and highly visual live band is composed of charismatic frontman Matt Blankenship Jr and anchored by drummer Nick Lopiano.

“Acapulco” has launched The Sometimes Island’s career in just a year, and now they’re soaring back into the scene with a remix from acclaimed DJ Tribbs! Emerging rapidly into the scene, he’s already collaborated with some of the finest in the game, becoming the No.1 streaming DJ in his homeland Poland, as well as the No.1 Polish airplay artist with his single ‘Ghost’. His hit single “Duże Oczy” also received 50 Million streams on Spotify alone.

With Tribbs having signed a major record label deal with Sony, and his first release being a remix of Acapulco, there’s huge momentum building for the duo. They explain, “We’re excited to debut our initial major label release along with him. We love the remix, and it’s been amazing to see our song go from small beginnings – recording it in a rental house in La Jolla – to releasing it to a global audience. Acapulco was our very first of now several songs to get into millions of plays on Spotify, and the remix is our introduction to the world and the start of something really special.”

“Acapulco” explores themes of escapism and excitement as Blankenship Jr shares, “I like to juxtapose a theme with a sound and have them work together that makes the tension not immediately apparent.” Paying tribute to New Mexico, the songwriter continues, “I wrote Acapulco in Albuquerque, which is an amazing place but a hard word to sing.”

With musical influences from the likes of Townes Van Zandt and Deadmau5, “Acapulco” explores the excitement of beginning a new chapter of life, yet the contrasting sentiment that comes with it. Blankenship Jr states, “I wrote the song Acapulco to capture that listless ennui I was trapped under in Los Angeles, framing it with a fantasy of an ignored lover reaching their breaking point, leaving and abruptly buying a plane ticket.” The accompanying cinematic music video for “Acapulco” beautifully mirrors the song’s story, as we witness the demise of a relationship, where one party decides to flee and head for a better, more wholesome life.

Their forms of expression and musical ingenuity make The Sometimes Island ones to watch this year. With their previous EP Beverly & Barbara peaking at #2 internationally on Apple’s Alternative chart, rocketing past even the likes of Billie Eilish, the duo have also amounted over 800,000 monthly listeners, with streaming numbers in the millions. Charting in the Top 100 Pop iTunes Charts, The Sometimes Island are becoming true pioneers of pop as we know it. Their remix with Tribbs should definitely be on your radar.