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Music Showcase – Amesha “Freckles” Patterson: Choices


CONTACT NAME Amesha Patterson
ARTIST/BAND NAME StarfaceFreckles

Memphis, Tennessee native, Amesha Patterson who goes by the stage name Freckles is a rising singer, songwriter, and rapper. Freckles has been working on music since the age of nine when she first realized she had a gift for writing music and natural talent as a performer. As a young girl she developed such gifts in singing, rapping, and writing consistently. She expressed herself by writing in journals, but realized that she could use her emotions and life journeys in her songs. It was then that she learned she wanted to be a professional artist and began to receive recognition of her music from family and fans. Some of the Freckles’ aunts, uncles, and her grandmother were singers as well. In fact, it was then she began singing in her church choir with her grandmother, and later on developed into a very accomplished singer in high school.

Although Freckles began her singing career at a young age, she did not have it easy growing up. Her parents conceived her when they were just preteens. They did not want to take on the responsibility of raising a child, so she was often fatherless and motherless. Freckles’ grandparents became her legal guardians and raised herself and her younger siblings in a two-bedroom house with her uncles, and auntie. One thing that Freckles remembered growing up is how her grandparents always did the best they could, this example was a major influence to her passion for music and determination to flourish in her career.

As Freckles got older she began to learn more about herself and her style of music, in doing so, she began to take some piano lessons. She learned that her music has a brazen style with a fresh sense of rhythmic taste that is soulful and fun which is inspired by Bobby Womack, Tupac Shakur, Aaliyah, Lauren Hill, Erykah Badu, and most of all, Eve.

In an interview Freckles explained, “The moment that inspired me when I knew that I would grow to do music, officially, is when I saw, the rapper, Eve being interviewed and speaking on her hit single Love Is Blind. When I heard the lyrics and saw the video, I understood why she wrote them and felt the way she did because I was able to relate to the lyrics. I was going through similar situations, and from then on she inspired me to write more. That helped me with my creative skills by taking my passionate life stories making them a part of my music”. Freckles were forced to be exposed to the pain she now appreciates.

Freckles’ meek spirit and confidence have built a stepping-stone for her career. In early 2012, Freckles released her debut single Candy Love featuring Reall Krazy, which was produced by Sweat Da Trac Productions. She is now finishing her EP, and has started working on her new mixtape entitled Freckle Juice.

Through hard work and dedication, Freckles hopes to inspire and influence the world. She stated, “I have plenty of things in store for the outside world, and I can not wait to share it”.