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MÜNN Spring/Summer 2021 Co-Ed Collection


Creative Director 한현민 | MÜNN

Film Director & editor 유현호
DP 서기웅 | Line of sight

Producer 정구상 | studio GOYU

SFW:Seoul Fashion Week Digital Runway
MÜNN Spring/Summer 2021 Co-Ed Collection

Organizers at Milan Fashion Week have joined an ever-growing list of admirers of South Korean brand MÜNN. Under the label’s Creative Director Hyun-Min Han, MÜNN showed for the second time at MFW last week for the unveiling of their FW21 collection.

Since launching in 2013, the brand has shown on schedules in both Seoul and London and has been noted for always attempting to delicately subvert the fashion industry’s traditional ways of operating—change is easiest to accept when it’s happening right under your nose.

Rooted in this ethos, is a desire to apply creative solutions to not only the design but also the construction of the garment.

MÜNN lift inspiration from the made-to-order culture of ‘60s fashion, whilst also marrying unconventional silhouettes with modern eco-friendly fabrics. The label has successfully managed to cater to both those who crave a blast from the past aesthetically, whilst also finding ways to make pieces feel discernibly contemporary.

In this vein, their latest co-ed collection titled ‘CUT OUT’, plays into the idea of cutting down and, in some cases, off completely, unfamiliar parts of garments while focusing on traditional sewing techniques—this is how ‘classic’ blazer necklines have become crew necks.