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Men’s Fashion Editorial – Passeggiata a Pigna

Men’s Fashion Editorial – Passeggiata a Pigna


Photographer: Felipe Wallis @felipewallis
Model: Matteo Vanderlei @matteo.vanderlei
Makeup Artist: Ana Sabina @ anasabina_makeup
Art Direction: Fabricio Perez
Stylist: Jaime Martínez

Passeggiata a Pigna is the romantic view of the photographer inspired by Stendhal’s trip in Italy in which when feeling overwhelmed by architecture and art he experienced what is since then known as the Stendhal syndrome, a psychosomatic condition allegedly occurring when individuals become exposed to objects or phenomena of great beauty. The model being Stendhal’s alter ego is a young man promenading through Pigna, a neighborhood in the center of Rome with monuments such as the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Berninis’ fountains, churches with paintings by Caravaggio or sculptures by a young Michel Angelo.

It’s about portraying fashion in a fresh and personal mood, combining prints, volumes and silhouettes with an edgy approach towards accessories achieving an overall timeless mood for a bohemian bourgeois man, while transmitting the essence and beauty of Rome’s piazzas and alleys but avoiding to include famous ones not to fall in the obvious associations.
The looks have all been created to reinforce the idea of elegant sensuality imagining how a young writer will create his everyday looks, daring to stand out in a discreet way and being elegant and fresh at the same time.

Romanticism is the key to combine the different garments: a tailored blazer with contrasting prints but in the same color hues, a knitwear top in silk and lurex, a flower printed bib in a collarless shirt, different ethnic prints in red yellow and white, accessories include a metal mouthpiece with matching ring and bracelet, a straw top hat and a silk gauze foulard and retro inspired sportive eyewear are some of the featured garments in this passeggiata a Pigna.

The chosen time to shoot was the early morning as the idea was to have a soft light in order to achieve the pictures’ relaxed mood as if wandering through the streets while admiring the beauty of the monuments.
The combination of pictures many in color and some in black and white is to create contrast and help stand out the different features of garments as well as the idea of transforming the model into a sort of marble statue to go along with the setting.

It was important for the team that the different designers, brands and accessories styles blended in to give an overall eclectic touch to the editorial. This was the idea behind art direction so that it could manage to transmit the versatility of simple rich complexity in fashion nowadays.

Men’s Fashion Editorial – Passeggiata a Pigna

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