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Men’s Fashion Editorial – In a City of Angels 

Men’s Fashion Editorial – In a City of Angels 


Photographer: Sofie Hansen
Model: James Wynn

Wardrobe Credits:
1: Jacket / BAPE T shirt / supreme Durag / Snatched Flames
2-3: Durag / Snatched Flames
4-5: Sweater / Coogi Durag / Snatched Flames
6-7: Sweater / Coogi Blazer / Express Durag / Snatched Flames
8: Shirt / Billionaire Boys Glasses / Merry’s
9-10: Shoes / Nike Pants / Adidas Shirt / Billionaire Boys Glasses / Merry’s
11: Shoes / Nike Pants / Adidas Shirt / Billionaire Boys Blazer / Express
12: Shirt / Billionaire Boys Blazer / Express
13: Shoes / Nike Pants / Adidas Shirt / Billionaire Boys Blazer / Express
14-15: Blazer / Express

These photos were taken when James first moved to Los Angeles to follow his dream. Uprooting an entire life to follow the heart and to trust wholeheartedly in himself and wherever that may take him on this journey. Knowing that failure is an option, but never settling for being just content – wondering what could have been. We all as kids had the urge to lunge into the unknown for a dream so big we look back now and smile at our once naive trust in the world. Yet some of us still take the leap and free ourselves from the bonds of which we feel obliged to maintain. That mindset is the utmost precious of self-love. To follow one’s dreams as our dreams transcend both our bodies and the standards that are set in the beauty industry today.

Walking in the streets of a city made of hopes and dreams and dripping in the blood, sweat, and tears of those who made it – where our dreams transcend differences, and these differences are what makes us so indescribably unique and beautiful. I see it at every corner and I see it in every sunset over the amalgamation of skyscrapers and mountains. If we here make room for each other to flourish and grow, we ourselves will in return have the space and the nourishment to grow compassionate and beautiful from deep within.

As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it blossoms and blooms from the confidence one has within oneself, and the smiles and tears shared with the world. Beauty does not come packaged within one color, one shape, or one style from a predetermined mold. As time winds and bends and shapes our bodies and our minds alike, we grow and we learn. We listen to our brothers and sisters, and we listen to their pain and joy. We hold each other’s hands and we try to take away their pain, as they would ours. Aiming to walk through life with the compassion that makes us beautiful, and the spark that makes us believe in the dreams of each other and the dreams of our hearts. The City of Angels is where the desire to follow one’s dream naturally transpires, and what better way to do so than with the confidence and compassion we wish to receive in return.

We do not have live within the borders created before us. It is ok to want more for oneself than the life we have lived without being selfish. To choose self-expression, and to help shape the world with what is inside of us. Living with the need to share a gift of music, of art, of joy and laughter with others. Trying out new dreams and revisiting old ones, dusting them off and taking them off a shelf of childhood memories. Dipping the toes in a pond overflowing with skills and hobbies, and knowing they might not be the one and only, yet each fills the heart a little more. Believing in the world with that childlike wonder in the eyes, that once came so easily. Trusting that the joy of flying will be greater than the pain of falling. To dream of a city of dreamers in a world of Angels.

MENS EDITORIAL – In a City of Angels

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