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Lord of the Rings Trilogy Remastered To Release In IMAX

Lord of the Rings Trilogy Remastered To Release In IMAX


For the first time ever, Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy has been remastered for release in IMAX. In adapting J.R.R. Tolkien’s landmark book series, Jackson effectively reshaped the fantasy movie landscape. The films were released from 2001 to 2003, with the last, The Return of the King, becoming the most-awarded movie ever at the Academy Awards. The Lord of the Rings trilogy has long been praised for its special effects, the epic scale of its action, and its effectiveness in telling the classic story of good versus evil. Years later, Jackson attempted to recreate the magic with The Hobbit trilogy, but that earned more mixed responses.

The Lord of the Rings might be twenty years old by now, but there’s still new content emerging for fans. Last year, both the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies were remastered in 4K for home viewing pleasure, and a new set of Middle-earth tales are slated to be released this year. Additionally, Amazon is still hard at work on their Lord of the Rings show, which is confirmed to be set thousands of years before the movies.

Now, things are moving back to the start. IMAX announced that starting tomorrow, February 5, the Lord of the Rings trilogy will make its 4K remastered debut on the biggest screens in select locations. Fans can buy their tickets already, with The Fellowship of the Ring being the first to screen. The other two movies will follow on February 12.

Movie theaters are in a difficult spot right now, with the coronavirus pandemic keeping many across the United States shuttered and delaying major releases. Revisiting familiar classics like, yes, The Lord of the Rings, has become a common strategy to ease patrons back into the theaters. Putting an epic franchise like The Lord of the Rings in IMAX feels like a smart move, since many will likely want to see it on an extra big screen. However, it will be interesting to see if those curious fans will still venture out to IMAX screens amid the pandemic.

As The Lord of the Rings has already been released in 4K on home video, there are some who might already know what to expect from the IMAX visuals. Of course, watching a movie on a TV is nothing compared to how it is on the big screen, and The Lord of the Rings will surely make for a thrilling IMAX experience. This sounds like the perfect sort of opportunity for die hard fans to love to revisit the vivid and expansive world of Middle-earth over and over.