Home Kitchen How long should a kitchen faucet last?
How long should a kitchen faucet last?

How long should a kitchen faucet last?


When purchasing any item in a store, the least you can think of is how durable it will be in your home and how it will replace it if it is damaged or broken. Although it is not a question you can consider, you should consider it when choosing the ideal kitchen faucet with sprayer for your home.[ pull down kitchen faucet]

Considering this question will help establish criteria for selecting and researching taps, their advantages, and their characteristics. The consideration of other aspects such as the material of manufacture of the fixtures and care given to them will be determining factors for the durability of most items within the home.

What aspects determine the quality of a tap?

It knows that the quality of taps closely linked to durability. The materials for their subsequent manufacture (whether zinc, gold, titanium, brass, or nickel) must prevent corrosion, tarnishing, or fogging while ensuring their functionality and good condition.

Quality materials prevent purchased items or objects from quickly deteriorating, so they are usually strong enough to ensure high durability.

Another important aspect will be the kitchen faucet brand with the sprayer to choose from but not its design, as many people think. Many brands launch articles that, after a particular time of use, quickly deteriorate and require replacement.

So make a prior investigation on the possible taps for the kitchen and regular consultations with a professional in the field to doubt it. Avoid more expenses than you can afford and will be a subtle help when giving a brand the confidence to give life to the home. Some even believe that quality also determines by the care given to each kitchen faucet with the sprayer maintenance. However, the reality is far from this belief; good maintenance preserves the taps’ properties and functionalities.

What is the average durability of a faucet with the sprayer?

Once a faucet has been tested and installed in the kitchen, one would expect that its replacement would be beyond twenty years with reasonable care and maintenance. However, many experts suggest that its renovation or replacement should be within five to ten years due to the faucet’s frequent use.

It is no secret that the kitchen is a reasonably commonplace where household members spend a good part of their time daily. Either for cooking or washing dishes, so the wear and tear of your tap are usually justified by the use, care, passage of time.

But, for a kitchen faucet with sprayer compared to a single lever bathroom faucet, some suggest that these taps usually last about five years due to their structure. They have a removable sprayer that allows greater mobility and cleaning of the area and requires in-depth maintenance to prevent dirt from making it impossible to remove.

Keeping all these factors in mind (including the faucet’s quality and materials) makes it easier to be prepared for future renovations or repairs to be made inside the kitchen as they will help clarify what you want to achieve with a new faucet and what you want to avoid.

How to prepare for a tap change?

Even if you prepared for these possible faults in your faucet or even the end of life, what should you do when you need to replace your kitchen faucet with a sprayer? [pull down kitchen faucet]

The ideal would be to hire a professional who can diagnose the faucet’s state so that they will rule out failures for external reasons such as a blockage in the pipe.

However, when the problem comes only from the faucet, either because its control (or handle) does not work, the suggestion will be its immediate change considering elements such as the kitchen space, the new faucet model, the brand, your needs, etc.

Thus, the steps to be contemplated will be the following:

1. Exact measurements must choose the ideal tap that can install without any problem in the designated space, i.e., where the faucet’s damage is. Thus, it would be best if you took no further action for a simple installation or faucet change.

2. Now, what will follow is to think about the faucet that fits your needs and the space or environment of the kitchen. Many designs and brands of taps vary from each other, fulfilling different functions such as the percentage of water-saving, with a sensor, two-handle, or one-handle.

Many choose a kitchen faucet with a sprayer because the ability to remove the sprayer makes cleaning the kitchen more convenient and filling any container that does not fit in the faucet tub.

3. In addition to the above, the versatility and simplicity of the tap will be necessary. All the home members know how to use the faucet, know how many controls or handles they have, and what each of its elements is for will help prolong its useful life for the excellent use that will make of it.

4. Knowing the needs you have, the size of the kitchen, the brand and the design of the faucet, the budget will be the next thing to determine, and you should think about how much you want to invest because it will be the key to opt for some kitchen faucet with sprayer quality.