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KTJ & CARLY “On Your Mind”

KTJ & CARLY “On Your Mind”


KTJ & CARLY “On Your Mind” (Written and produced by KTJ & CARLY)

Soulful sister act, KTJ & CARLY are set to release their dynamic debut single, “On Your Mind” on July 19th, 2019. Performers since the age of five, the sisters have taken their musical education seriously, with KTJ focused on piano and production taking pre-college courses at NYU’s Music Production and Technology and Carly immersing herself in an intensive at Carnegie Mellon University. Their influences range from the synths of EDM to pop hooks and the vivacious vocalizations of urban music. This mix of inspirations have taught them to come at every track with fresh eyes, and it shows. Flawless harmonies, youthful energy, and fire hot chemistry only sisters can create, make their music a uniquely expressive experience.

KTJ and CARLY’s euphoric and distinctive debut single immediately draws you in with their honed vocals melting over the melody as the slow, rhythmic groove builds to a hypnotic falsetto-layered chorus. The instrumentation oxalate’s from booming urban beats to hints of synthy electro-pop sounds, making for surprising alchemy of musical magic. All the while, the sisters shine as the centerpiece and focus of the entire track, which reflects on the uncertainty of relationships and the unfortunate side effects of egotistical men, by bringing plenty of attitude to the table.

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