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KINGDOM HEARTS IV is in development!


Attention all Keyblade wielders: KINGDOM HEARTS IV is on the way!

The newest installment in the beloved RPG series was officially announced as part of the 20th Anniversary celebration of the KINGDOM HEARTS franchise and sets Sora and his friends Donald and Goofy on a brand-new adventure, titled the ‘Lost Master Arc.’

As well as KINGDOM HEARTS IV, the team also announced a brand-new action RPG mobile game, KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link, which features an original story of its own, and the final chapter of KINGDOM HEARTS DARK ROAD for the KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ Dark Road app.

There’s a lot to discuss about both new projects and the latest chapter reveal, so let’s dive into the heart of the matter.

The next mainline game in the KINGDOM HEARTS series is in development now… and it launches fans into a thrilling new action-packed experience.

After the climactic events of KINGDOM HEARTS III and its Re Mind DLC, fans have wanted to know: ‘What’s next for Sora?’ As the trailer reveals, the Keyblade wielder is back – and in a new setting we’re all excited to learn more about.

In addition to catching Sora’s stylish new look, you’ll see him face off in a dramatic boss battle against a giant enemy in the Quadratum. This large, expansive city is set in a gorgeous, realistic world that’s unlike anything you’ve seen before in the KINGDOM HEARTS series.

Sora’s iconic and much-loved companions, Donald and Goofy, make a brief appearance, and the trailer also features Strelitzia – a mysterious new character to the mainline games, first introduced in KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross].

That’s all we have for now – so let the speculation begin!