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Joyce Penas Pilarsky Collections

Joyce Penas Pilarsky Collections


Joyce Pilarsky SS2014 Summer Collection

SS2014 Collections Fashion Week Brooklyn
Fashion Designer: Joyce Pilarsky

Joyce Peñas Pilarsky wears many hats, uh, bonnets. She is a model, beauty queen (People’s Choice Award in an international beauty competition in Niagara Falls, New York), former stewardess for PAL and Saudia, style icon, a bleeding heart for children in need of help, photographer, painter, sculptress, and so on.

Add nationalism to the list. She designed the Philippine map on one of her gowns during a fashion show abroad. Although married to a German, and with dual citizenship, she declares: “I’m proud to be a Filipina.”

Joyce Pilarsky SS2013 Summer Collection

SS2013 Collections Fashion Week Brooklyn
Designer: Joyce Pilarsky
Photography by Shawn Punch
(tel.5110620; www.joycepilarsky.com, ysexyg@gmail.com).

Couture Designer
Scandic Palace
4291 Emilia St. Palanan, Makati City
Philippines: (02)-511-0620
Mobile: 09178201954
Germany : +00491727623806

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