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Joaquin Phoenix’s Final Joker Look

Joaquin Phoenix’s Final Joker Look


Joaquin Phoenix’s final Joker look may have been revealed in a new set photo from the film. The Oscar-nominated actor is the latest thespian to sink his teeth into the role of the Clown Prince of Crime, intrigued more by the possibilities the character presents than the built-in fan base of the property. Phoenix is known for delivering extremely dedicated performances where he disappears into his parts, so cinephiles are very interested in seeing how his take compares to the numerous other big screen Jokers of the past few decades.

While fans have a way to wait to see all of the nuances of Phoenix’s turn (such as the voice), director Todd Phillips wasted no time at all revealing the character’s look. As the film geared up to start promotion, Phillips took it upon himself to get in front of the paparazzi and post-Phoenix’s camera test online, where the actor was in full clown attire, including makeup. Since this is an origin story of Arthur Fleck becoming the iconic villain, it’d be reasonable for fans to assume Phillips would treat viewers to a proto-Joker that only hinted at the full extent of the madness to come. However, there might be a “final” Joker, as indicated by the latest set photos.

Joker is no stranger to set leaks, as plenty of photos and videos have shown Phoenix in his clown get-up, terrorizing a subway (among other things). Some may feel that the actor’s “final” Joker look was already revealed by the earlier wave of paparazzi images, but it’s possible there’s another evolution in the film. Phoenix looks completely unhinged in this latest batch, with his makeup starting to come off as he (likely) admires the chaos unraveling around him. It should be apparent by now Arthur is not exactly a mentally stable individual, but in these photos, it looks like he’s completed his transformation into the Joker and has reached the point of no return. The composition of the pictures also makes it difficult to tell if Phoenix is wearing the same costume as before, so there’s a chance he’s in a different outfit when this takes place in the movie.

By all accounts, Joker is shaping up to be one of the more fascinating DC Comics offerings. While it doesn’t have as much riding on it as, say, Batman v Superman or Justice League, its success would still mean a lot for Warner Bros. They’re hoping to launch a new line labeled DC Dark or DC Black, which theoretically would specialize in standalone, character-driven fare that doesn’t fit within the confines of a shared cinematic universe. Hopefully, Joker is able to provide a compelling experience that lands with viewers and critics, giving WB a new lease on life when it comes to comic book adaptations.