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J. Balvin – Blanco (Official Video)


J Balvin’s latest music video features head-spinning beats, lots of white, and flying cats. Yes, flying cats.

On Friday (Nov. 15), the Colombian star dropped the video for his new single “Blanco.” He teased his fans with a 15-second clip two days prior to the release, using a happy face and world emoji and tagging producer Sky Rompiendo, director Colin Tilley and Boy in the Castle Productions.

The music video for“ Blanco,” which appropriately to the video translates to “white,” begins with a rainbow booklet called “Colors of J Balvin” being flipped before it stops on a white page. “I’ll eat you without a beat, a capella, slowly because the night awaits,” he sings in the opening verse. “Here’s your Medellin boy,” Balvin also says in Spanish as a dance-infused urban melody with deep percussions plays in the background.