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Izneo The Comic Book reading app on Nintendo Switch


Izneo is the first global online comics platform. Available at all time on the following systems; Computer, Smartphone, tablet and soon on Nintendo Switch and Nvidia Shield, Izneo offers to discover, read and acquire the largest catalog of comics, European comics, mangas, graphic novels, and Webtoons. On top of an ever-growing catalog, Izneo provides also recommendations from other readers and the very best digital reading experience out there! Izneo was founded by the major comic books publishers in 2010 with the help of the CNL, Oseo and the BPI. Izneo shareholders list includes Fnac and the following publishers: Ankama, Bamboo, Bayard, Casterman, Dargaud, Dupuis, Le Lombard, Rue de Sèvres, and Steinkis. Izneo offers multiple options to access its impressive catalog: some titles are free to read, some are for sale and a subscription model offers unlimited access to thousands of titles.

For more information on Izneo, discover the full catalog of 25,000 titles and try the reading experience, head over to https://www.izneo.com/en