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Fashion Editorial: Irina Maslova

Fashion Editorial: Irina Maslova


Grey dress by Zara, Black body by Zara, Shoes – CASADEI, Hat by URBAN BARON, Earrings – PinMe, Brassiere – Bordelle, Panties – LaPerla

If a girl lives in the big city, she must learn to do: to be successful in her career, to look good, find time for her hobbies, chat with friends and loved ones, eat right, participates in the sport, follows the fashion trends, be charming and feminine.

Constantly asked herself the question “how to get to a meeting”, “how to better understand what the client wants”, “how to most effectively plan my time”, she finds a moment to call a loved one, to tell him “I missed you”, to make sure that he’s okay. And, of course, she doesn’t forget to sign up in a beauty salon. She may take a time to discuss world trends in the securities market, and then half an hour to choose the color of nail polish.

She’s doing 100 things at once, remembers the huge amount of information, her phone rings constantly, but she leaves the office and smiles at the first drops of unexpected rain. Modern girl is soft and flexible, is serious and demanding, but her vocation was always to be feminine. Her eyes shining, her lips smiling, her movements graceful and easy. She runs in the morning and forgets about everything, only nature, and music through your headphones. She knows that life is so interesting that it is necessary to get the most out of it, and do it with pleasure. But she wants something else.

One day she will stop and think – Is it right what I do in my life? Is it really what I want from my life? Am I happy living this life? And she will take a break. She will continue to live like before but many doubts live in her head. Many things in life happen by chance. Random party, random person. And sometimes this person in the future determines your life. He shows you a new bright part of life. This life consists of beautiful people, glamor, spotlight, fashion, and it is not related to her everyday life. Bit really attracted to. This place of life is reflected on the appearance of women. Modern fashion offers a large number of clothing reveals the women’s individuality, but at the same time comfortable and beautiful.

She feels it was exactly what she lacked in life. She enjoys every meeting, read fashion magazines, follows the latest fashion trends, changes her type of clothes and hairstyle. Friends surprised her changes and strangers turn to after her. But she always remains herself, no matter what happens in her life. First of all, whatever life you live, whatever you are going, you should always be opened to something new. It complements you, reveals new talents and abilities.

If you are financial, seller or a housewife, at any time you can change your life and become a model. Then the mood of new life will give you strength for new achievements and discoveries! Maybe you want to change all your life and profession! This story about my life. My name is Irina, I am financial and my work related to the analysis and figures. Sometimes it is very boring! But I met people who inspired me to fashion work. Now photo shoot is my favorite, lovely hobby.

My team at this particular photo shoot wanted to show how multifaceted women, and how a few hours can be obedient and naive, fatal seductress and sexy beauty while remaining themselves. Beauty is not only external, but also inner beauty is visible on photos.


Photographer – Anna DeLuna
Model – Irina Maslova
Makeup Artist – Victoria Skvortsova
Private manager – Vladimir Kovalev