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The Most Important Specs for a Gaming PC

The Most Important Specs for a Gaming PC


When it comes to PC gaming, people usually ask “what is in your build?”. What they mean by this is what components you are using within your gaming PC. When it comes to gaming, the four main components you should be paying the most attention to are as follows:

GPU Graphics Cards

As the new triple-A games are released each year, along with the introduction of the new gaming engine, the Unreal Engine 5, graphics are looking the best they ever have. With this new technology, game developers have the resources to make games more photorealistic. To be able to utilize this technology, a must-have is a decent graphics card. The ones with better performance will be more costly and will probably be the most expensive component you will need for your PC.

Especially with the boom of VR, graphics cards have been in huge demand, which drives prices higher than any other component. Due to chip shortages and cryptocurrency miners, supply has not been able to catch up with demand, making the higher-end GPUs more expensive and harder to come by.


Storage type and size are just as important when it comes to building or buying your own PC. When it comes to storage, there are two main options: Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and Solid State Drive (SSD). HDDs are usually larger in size and memory, which will allow you to store more games and files. SSDs are much faster and more advanced due to not having an actual disk inside the drive. Gaming SSDs are better as they are more durable and the speed is unmatchable. However, they are more costly compared to their larger counterparts. You can mix and match, however, and get a couple of each if you wish to have the best of both worlds and save money for other components.


Finally, the last two components to consider, which are just as important as the others, are RAM and CPU. The CPU acts as the brain of the PC which allows you to run a number of programs in one go. This is why, usually, the CPU alone will need its very own cooling system as it can overwork and get really hot. The more advanced the CPU, the more your PC can run at a time. RAM is measured in GB and the more you have, the better, but this usually depends on what games you like to play. If you like fast-paced shooters, then the higher the better. The best thing to do is to check the requirements of your favorite game and look for RAM accordingly as you can save money by cutting back on RAM.

Aside from these, you will need to manage your budget reasonably, as other peripherals can be quite costly. You’ll have to think about compatible PC cases, a motherboard, and fans to keep the PC cool so it doesn’t overheat. Not to mention other accessories you will need such as monitors, a microphone, webcam, mouse, and keyboard.