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The steamy video which focuses squarely on bondage styles, features four models, two for the lingerie and two for the leather scenes and is the kind of envelope-pushing imagery their 800,000 customers are used to.

From a simulated strap on shots to actual spanking to close-ups of the legs, breasts, and derrières this video is set to raise the bar this Halloween.

“We’ve again decided to unleash our wild side and really up the ante with two videos, one for mainstream viewing and one so hot that you have to be over 18 to view it. It will sit in a classified section on our site,” said Monaghan.

The brand is no stranger to controversy and has come under fire for starring a New York bombshell straddling a very happy Santa and throwing an actual office party, in their headquarters which featured a topless marching band, and a life-sized canon spraying confetti.