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HB Tanna – Suge Freestyle

HB Tanna – Suge Freestyle

HB Tanna Suge Freestyle


HB Tanna or HeartBreak Tanna is a Hip-Hop artist from Chicago, IL. He is part of a music group called HeartBreak along with one other member HB Melloah. HB Tanna style of music can be described as uplifting, smooth and hard-hitting. Growing up his biggest influencers were 2pac, cash money, DMX, Eminem and Kanye West.

HB Tanna tries to create a smooth diverse hitting vibe in his music. He wants his listeners to be able to uplift themselves during hardships as he did and help them realize their true worth. A true tunnel vision and hard worker, Tanna never gave up on his goals and dreams, even when the odds were against him. He had people leave his life many times for not to believe in his talent and works. As a kid, Tanna uses to travel to his neighborhood youth center to work on music with friends. This began his appearance over the years to becoming greatness is his music career in every special way.

HB Tanna is currently working on 3 different albums based on his past releases. You guys want to stay tuned and find out more by following HB Tanna on social media.