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Fashion Editorial: Hazy Winter

Fashion Editorial: Hazy Winter


Photographer; Adrienne Asbell of Moments by A
Model: Alexis Vita Positano
HMUA & Designer: Claire Latronica

The whimsical winter day of a princess who is lost amidst the haze of an ethereal wonderland. She often finds herself dreaming of the days she no longer stands alone, waiting in the cold. The colors of hope linger in the air, washing over her, lifting her up; but she continues to wait. Holding on to the loneliness, her dreams of companionship continue on…

Second rendition of this dress in a whimsical, beautiful piece designed by Claira Latronica, who is also an amazing hair and makeup artist. The gorgeous Alexis Positano graces us with her beauty, in this ethereal editorial!